Monday, August 11, 2008

SASUKE MANIAC August 10, 2008 Sort of liveblog サスケマニア

This week! More SASUKE Trial (サスケ トライアル)!

The pictures are here!

While I was waiting, JSpo introduced me to this:
Orioles Magic! Did you know that you can't spell I Loser O without Orioles?

Nice fro Dante.

Here we go! SASUKEのスタートライン! SASUKE no Start Line!

Today will be the climax of the Survival stage!

And we're already starting! No names! One guy is a firefighter.

Don't forget your areas: Shuttle Run (シャトルラン), Destiny Rope (ディスティニーロープ), Jump Ring (ジャンプリング), Sandbag Lift (サンドバックリフト) and 心臓破りの坂 (Shinzou Yaburi no Saka - literally the Heart Break Hill).

And the firefighter and lawyer are through!

Ooh. The white boy is up!

Shot of Levi (hits) Meeuwenberg as they introduce Casey Cummings ケーシー・カミングス (He's a university student from Hawaii). The poor other guys don't get introductions.

Casey is in the lead. Jump Ring! Hawaii! He does the airplane run as he reaches the top! I believe the other finalist's name is Murakami 村上.

Gee Casey, way to stay humble. Well, his Japanese is pretty good. I think they said he's a transfer student?

We go to Shizuoka to watch one of our next contestants help with some rehabilitation.

Fukuda Tomoyuki 福田智之 is wearing his orange Shaolin warrior monk robe! Something Shigemasa does something at a karate dojo. A whole bunch of his students are there, always a bad sign. Sports gym instructor Hashimoto Koji 橋本亘司 and Kubota Takayuki 久保田崇之 are your next four. They are all invovled in some kind of sports.

Fukuda is going to fail on the Jump Ring by the way.

The Karate guy Shigemasa is out. Fukuda fell like I said. HA! I have magic powers! Hashimoto and Kubota are through!

The next four get their photos on the screen but no intros. Perhaps they will all fail? They're all through the Destiny Rope. And then three fail at the Jump Ring!

He's 15! Fukujima 福島? His parents are happy!

A couple of convenience store delivery men are next! They've been to Muscle Park! Wait. One of the guys is a SASUKE Park All-Stars Tomino Keita 富野恵太. Wait, there are two SASUKE Park All-Stars, the other is Kawaguchi Tomohiro 川口朋広.

All four are through the Destiny Rope. It's down to the race up the hill! Kawaguchi and one of the drivers makes it! Something happened to Tomino that I didn't catch.

The SASUKE Park guys have not been faring well.

Four guys are next! Kamekawa Sadahiro 亀川貞浩 is 44! Shirokuma Hiroyuki 白熊弘之 is a company worker! Kaneda Ryu 金田竜 is an airport limousine bus driver. Arino Kazuki 有野一起 is a Kuroneko クロネコ (Delivery service) driver.

Kaneda Ryu still has his tie on but it doesn't help!

Only one makes it through! Shirokuma is through! OK. Their whole grouping was based on animals (three of their names and one company name. Try it at home!)

Ida Koji 井田浩二 is up next! Let's go to his work place. He's a salaryman. He made it to the semi-final last time. He and his family go training at the park. Yeah, this won't end in crying children. Especially after the little girl says "Papa kakkoii."

The next four! Ito, Ida Koji, Kitakaze Yoshitake 北風好武, Matsuda Katsuki 松田一毅are next!

Shuttle Run. Destiny Rope. All four are doing fine so far and are across. Jump Ring. Only Ida is left! Sandbags! Up the incline! Yes! He's up to the Final Stage!

The next four. One is a gym instructor, Satou Tsuyoshi 佐藤毅英. Kano Takaaki 加納隆明 is an elementary school teacher? Nomura Hiroki 野村宏樹 is a company worker and Yamamoto Keitar 山本桂太郎 is a high school student with a low voice. Two are SASUKE Park All-Stars サスケパークオールスターズ. I believe this will be a high level battle as all four have participated in SASUKE 20 but failed the First Stage.

Kind of uncool of them to put them all together but I guess it's out of fairness to the others.


Dante's afro again.

After checking, I believe all of them are members or submembers of the SASUKE Park All-Stars サスケパークオールスターズ.

We're back!

Did two of them jump the gun?

Oh! The gym instructor is out at the Destiny Rope. All three are across the Jump Ring! Yamamoto can't get his sandbags up in time!

Nomura and the other guy are through! The gym instructor was in the lead but couldn't hold on to the rope.

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 is working a corner in Odaiba. And his first customer is Mr. SASUKE!

They are meeting with the makers of the new SASUKE TV game.

People are waiting for them! They are introduced to..some applause. I think the crowd was confused.

They try the new game versus some audience members. We get some shots of the game. It looks like the new Final Stage includes at the very least a Rope Climb.

Yamada and Yamamoto talk about the game and we get some shots of the SASUKE Trial Final Stage. But that's for next week!


Arsenette said...

Great one this week! You were an awesome help.. I would never be able to know half these people LOL The only one I remembered was the Hawaiian guy and the SASUKE Park All-Star with glasses :)

Adored your working comments LMAO!

tricia said...

Glad you and Elsie work so well together. Both of you do great work and we wouldn't be able to enjoy this without your hard efforts. THANKS!