Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two More CMs: トイレの消臭力 Song for Toilet and JRA Feel Live

Two more interesting CMs.
Thanks to youtube user lostinjapan999 (*cough*)

エステー化学 トイレの消臭力 Song for Toilet:

I think - and I'm not sure here - they're making fun of songs like We Are the World, Do They Know It's Christmas etc. But they're talking about something to kill the odor in your toilet. Foreign actors of Japan unite and take over!
If you are in Japan and you really really like this song, you can go here and follow the link that says CMソング and you can download it to your phone.

JRA Feel Live with Yuji Oda (織田裕二)

I just like watching this commercial only because it amuses me to ask myself this:
"So the jockey hits the horse, right? And then there's this giant explosion like a rocket booster or something and the horse apparently wins the race, right? Well, where exactly is that explosion coming from? I mean, look at the video. Where else could it be coming from? What did they feed that horse before the race?"
Also, nice shirt Mr. Oda.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs! Tsunami! Chestnut! 2007! ネイサンズ国際ホットドッグ 2007

Tsunami down! Tsunami down!
So despite the injured jaw the Tsunami broke the World Record of 59.5 hot dogs with 63 but unfortunately Joey Chestnut had just a bit more in the tank and finished with 66, breaking Kobayashi's streak of 6 championships and 7 in a row by Japanese contestants.
Joey "Jaws" Chestnut: 66
Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi: 63
Patrick Bertoletti: 49
There seems to be a bit of controversy with the results:
1) Apparently Kobayashi had a "reversal of fortune" towards the very end and some are saying he should be dqed but much like NBA Superstars and traveling he's not being called on it.
2) EatFeats says they're not sure where the extra 3 dogs came from for Joey because the final numbers were 63 Chestnut, 63 Kobayashi.
Also, I'm sorry but there seems to be a slight theme of racism towards Kobayashi (look at the Gothamist comments or here for examples). Plus apparently the ESPN commentators were rolling out Japanese stereotypes during the broadcast. Stay classy America.
Ah well, Kobayashi will be still be in America for some sort of Pizza Hut eating contest.

EatFeats, a blog dedicated to competitive eating, has a liveblog of the event as does the Gothamist. I wasn't able to watch the event live (not that I really want to see people shoving hot dogs in their faces for 12 minutes) so I apparently helped crash EatFeats along with whoever else was reloading their site to see the results. Sorry about that guys.
Is this the end of an era? Well, considering that Kobayashi was not in optimal condition, it's possible that he'll be itching for a rematch next year.

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