Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Possible SASUKE 2008 秋 / SASUKE 21回 Airdate!

The latest issue of 月刊テレビナビ (Gekkan TV Navi) that covers 8/27 to 9/30 has the following under September 17th:

SASUKE 21 Air Date

The blurb under it says 内容は未定 (naiyou wa mitei) which means details are pending. What details? Probably the names of whoever made it to the competition and the announcers and TBS trying to do some sort of foreshadowing that if you read closely enough gives away the ending or something.

September 17th! 6:55 to 10:48! Be there or be square!


scnoi1217 said...

Awesome news. I don't start classes until the day after, so I can watch it in full.

Arsenette said...

Okay so a 3 hour broadcast this time. It actually started around the same time as last time so I'll be awake :)

Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...


I'm slightly excited :).

Anonymous said...

And of course, in pure excitement, I post that and don't even think about the details.

I don't have a windows machine anymore, I made the jump to Mac (finally).

So, no TVUPlayer, no KeyholeTV. Either that or I have to set up a Virtual Machine.

Would you happen to know of any Mac TV software akin to TVUPlayer or KeyholeTV?

Didn't KeyholeTV distribute Linux sources too? I wonder if I can get it to compile...

MacPorts and me might be good buddies for a while.

Bigblind168 said...

im beggin i dont have 2 go 2 school tht day

and jason, you can use parralel to have windows as an exitable screen on ur mac (thats what i hear)

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...

Finally... What I've been waiting for.

Although I have class during last hour, I might be able to watch it on my laptop or the portable version of TVU. Hopefully, I can watch it without the teacher catching me :D

It's projects (more like something fun than regular class) so no one really cares... I've seen someone watching starcraft match during the whole 2 hour projects.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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