Monday, October 10, 2016

究極の男は誰だ!?最強スポーツ男子頂上決戦2016 Sports Danshi Grand Prix 2016!

Oops. I just realized that I did the last show only on twitter, not as a liveblog. Well, let's go old school!

Spoilers! Looks like someone is going for the World Record for the Monster Box.

Your line-up:
Gaku Sano 佐野岳
Wataru Mori 森渉
Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹
Kenta Koarashi 小嵐健太
Masahiro Inoue 井上正大
Takayuki Suzuki 鈴木貴之

Robin 呂敏
Yukihisa Tamura 田村侑久
Shimon Okura 大倉士門
Yuya Hirata 平田雄也
Masaya Yamagishi 山岸将也
Yuki Nomura 野村祐希
Taishin Hirano 平野泰新
Koji Saikawa 才川コージ
Jo Kanda 神田穣
Ryusei Yokohama 横浜流星

Tonight's events!
1. Monster Box モンスターボックス  (!)
2. Heavy Press ヘビープレス
3. Giant Cliff ジャイアントクリフ
4. Hard Jumper  ハードジャンパー
5. Power Wall  パワーウォール
Final Shotgun Touch  ショットガンタッチ

If Wikipedia is to be believed, all 16 will do the first four events, 8 will be eliminated after that with 8 doing the Power Wall and the final 3 will do the Shotgun Touch for the title.

Surprised that the Monster Box is up first but it does guarantee fresh legs.

1. Monster Box!

13 Boxes

Defending champion Gaku Sano is up first. He shows off a bit.

Wataru Mori next and he hot dogs for the wife.

Naoki Iketani here to show the kids. No problem but no hot dogging either.

Miho Kanno is a special guest for tonight to ogle our contestants.

I think they just spoiled that Sano is going to be going for it but they all sort of look the same with the dark hair and blue shoes.


If you win the quiz, you get a car! And you get a..wait, only one person gets a car.

Masaki Nomura's son Yuki Nomura up next. His brother is a J-Leaguer. This is his first time on the show. No problem at 13.

Ryusei Yokohama is through.

Hey, it's SASUKE sideline lady.

Boys and Men member Yukihisa Tamura is up. The crowd is happy.

Don't get too happy buddy. 13 is the minimum.

Recent SASUKE regular Shimon Okura up next. He is popular on the twitters. And he is through.

You can see some Samurai Rock Orchestra guys standing by the box as spotters.

Kenta Koarashi, a comedian is up next. And he's already TAKEN HIS SHIRT OFF FOR EXTRA POWER. In the first 15 minutes of the show. It's a record!

And he is not very gracefully through.

14 boxes.

Former Mr. Japan Takayuki Suzuki is through!

And now the current Mr. Japan (and SASUKE competitor) Masaya Yamagishi is up next. And he is..out! Oops. Ah, the classic butt graze.

Jo Kanda is up next. No problems!

15 boxes

Look, Kenta, it doesn't work if you take it off and put it back on between jumps. And he fails!

And now Tamura shows his (for this competition) relatively scrawny body for the crowd.

Suzuki fails 15. Kanda THSOFEP but catches his foot on the side of the box.

16 boxes

Masahiro Inoue is up next. He THSOFEP but really, some contestants don't deserve that big a response for doing it. He does the Iketani shuffle but he's through.

Tamura fails and is out.

Okura THSOFEP. And he is...let's go to the replay. Yes! He's through!

Yuki Nomura is up again and excites the crowd by THSOFEP. His dad has a few words. He is a Sportsman vet. His Monster Box best is 17. But let's go to the commercial first.


And he is...he had to do the dead man flop at the end so we get a replay. But he's through! He gets a chance to best his dad!

17 boxes.

Some promo time for Miho Kanno's drama.

Two chances from now on.

Gaku Sano back up with his wild hair. His shirt is nippletatstic. Whoa. He almost blew it by going to high too early but he's through!

Mori is now the Monster Box Haiyuu (actor). And no problem!

Legend Iketani up next. The family is there to cheer him on.

Inoue THSOFEP. His record is 16 so he needs it. And he's got it! New personal best!

Our first look at Robin tonight. His personal best is 18. Whoops. That looks close. He did a short hop during his run up but he's through!

Here is Nomura to try to tie his dad's personal best. NO!

This is our first look at Hirano and he's through!

And our first look at Koji Saikawa. And he's through! Oh? Connection to Kane Kosugi?

Yokohama is through.

Okura gets a second 17 but is out despite THSOFEP.

Our first look at Yuya Hirata has him getting a second 17 chance and THSOFEP. Will we see more of him? And he is!

An audience member is excited. Another is...not.

And now, for narrative reasons, possibly, Nomura is last up. Can he do it? He THSOFEP. And the warning lamp is on. You can see the SRO guys reacting in the slo-mo. And he is through! At least as good as dad!

18 boxes.

Ten are left!

Gake Sano is first up. And he is sort of wild in his jump but he's through! He's obviously trying to go for it on each jump.

Mori up next. No problem.

Legend Iketani on deck. Iketani shuffle. He's not happy with his performance.

Nomura up next. He THSOFEP. NOPE. Not a good run up. No momentum on his jump.

Taishin Hirano up next. He is a high school gymnast and current member of Magic Prince, whatever that is. And we cut to commercial.

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