Sunday, August 10, 2008

A quick word about the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Shunsuke Nagasaki 長崎峻侑 と 北京オリンピック

Since people (the two of them know who they are) have been coming here looking for information, I'd like to clear something up.

Unfortunately for SASUKE (Ninja Warrior) fans, Shunsuke Nagasaki (長崎峻侑) will not be in Beijing representing Japan. Japan's two men's trampoline spots went to Ueyama Yasuhiro 上山容弘 and Sotomura Tetsuya 外村哲也.

Ueyama and Sotomura are currently ranked 1st and 9th in the world respectively in the men's individual (Shunsuke is 18th) and together are ranked 1st in the men's synchro (there is only an individual competition in this year's Olympics).

G4 and TBS must have hyped Shunsuke up enough that people began to assume that he was automatically going to be competing in Beijing, thus the confusion.

Still, we should support the trampoline event because if it spreads in popularity the event can be increased to include the synchro event and give Shunsuke (and his coach, former SASUKE regular and Muscle Musical participant Nakata Daisuke 中田大輔) more chances to compete in future Olympic events.

The trampoline event (men's and women's) will be held between August 16th and 19th.

International Gymnastics Federation home page (find rankings and info there).
Broadcast schedule in Japan.
Broadcast schedule in the US.


Arsenette said...

Thanks Ube for that update on Nagasaki. I agree that both G4 and TBS hyped him up to the point where we were expecting him to compete in Beijing. With the amount of sports being cut from the Olympics each cycle it would be a good idea to support trampoline so they put synchro back in the line up.

Lain said...

well this explains why i can't find him among the athletes on nbc's site. :( so disappointing. i assumed, as was mentioned, that since they said he was training for the olympics during sasuke 20 that he was automatically going to be in them. glad to have found this very informative post, so i didn't get an even bigger disappointment when i watch.