Friday, August 15, 2008

Audio Test: The Tears of Naoki Iketani

Just wanted to see if this works (warning: it may be a bit loud so let it load and then turn down the volume first):


Arsenette said...

NEVER seen this let alone HEARD it.. what year was this?

lostinube said...

This was from the 2006 Geinojin (celebrity) Sportsman No. 1.

23 boxes is a tie for the "World Record" and this particular Monster Box was an EPIC fight between Iketani and Tomoyuki. I don't think any Monster Box event had ever ended with two people trying to go for the record but that's what happened.

Arsenette said...

Stupid question and only because I"m lazy.. did you blog the whole thing?

lostinube said...

Nope. That was before I started blogging. I didn't liveblog but gave the final scores for the 2007 Pro Sportsman No. 1. That was the first Monster 9 program I ever reported about.

Arsenette said...

That's something that definately would leave an impression. Just by the sound it sounded really emotional!

P.S. Thanks a billion for even blogging about these things. I can never keep it straight but am very much interested in it.