Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Japanese TV Olympic Theme Songs

Japanese TV stations love theme songs. Love 'em. If there's an event, they want a new song they can play to death and pound into your head until you have no choice but to use UltraGet to grab the youtube video of the song someone uploaded go to the video store and rent the CD single to copy to your hard drive and share with a few million anonymous friends whatever. You get the point.

The Olympics are being shown on NTV, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, TBS, TV Tokyo and NHK (General and BS-1). It can get a mite bit confusing as each station covers different events and sometimes NHK broadcasts the same events as the other stations. And every station has their own theme song. This year's line-up:

TBS SMAP - この瞬間 (Kono Toki)

(thanks to youtube user ULTRAMOOMIN)

NTV (日本テレビ) 嵐 - 風の向こうへ (Arashi - Kaze no mukou e)

(thanks to youtube user johnnysmovix)

Fuji TV (フジテレビ) レミオロメン - もっと遠くへ (Remioromen - Motto tooku e)

(thanks to youtube user remio0000)

NHK Mr. Children - Gift

(thanks to youtube user kyuwheel)

TV Asahi テレビ朝日 福山雅治 - HIGHER STAGE (Fukuyama Masaharu)

(thanks to youtube user jakugi061)

Can't find the TV Tokyo theme song anywhere but it's Fly Away by Hiro of EXILE.

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Arsenette said...

/passes popcorn :) Thanks for the links! Reminds me of when in Sasuke they use themesongs for the regulars:)