Sunday, August 17, 2008

SASUKE links

In the run up to SASUKE 21, we might as well get reacquainted with what we know about SASUKE so rather than do a Six Things, how about a SIXTY things? As in sixty SASUKE related links. Let me know if I missed something important or if there are any broken links in the comments. And if you are a fan site that I didn't link to, well we'll just have to see.


長野誠 Makoto Nagano site
池谷直樹 Naoki Iketani blog
宮﨑大輔 Daisuke Miyazaki site
池谷幸雄 Yukio Iketani blog
佐藤弘道 Hiromichi Sato site
高橋光臣 Mitsuomi Takahashi blog
野村将希 Masaki Nomura blog
飯島豊久 Toyohisa Iijima (very old) site
ケイン・コスギ Kane Kosugi site
中田大輔 Daisuke Nakata site
なかやまきんに君 Nakayama Kinnikun site
石丸謙二郎 Kenjirou Ishimaru site
照英 Shoei (Show-A) site
蓉崇 Takashi You site
白井涼 Ryo Shirai blog
Paul ANTHONY Terek site
諸星和己 Kazumi Morohoshi site
長州小力 Choshu Korikki and friends site
アンディ・オロゴン Andy Ologun site
Paul and Morgan Hamm site
ジェームス岡田 James Okada IMDB resume
須田竜太 Ryuta Suda blog

水野裕子 Yuko Mizuno blog
田中真帆 Maho Tanaka site
三宅綾子 Ayako Miyake blog
遊佐雅美 Masami Yusa site
藤井惠 Megumi Fujii blog
小池葵 Aoi Koike site
ユリサ Yurisa blog
Several G-Rockets members including 半澤友美 Tomomi Hanzawa and
吉浜愛梨 Airi Yoshihama have participated over the years
清宮佑美 Yuumi Seimiya
泉美香 Mika Izumi (now 牧乃ミカ Mika Makino) site
山田海蜂 Miho Yamada site
中西百恵 Momoe Nakanshi (now Momoe Ooe) 大江百恵 blog
浜田文子 Ayako Hamada site
Diana Pickler blog

Some Muscle Musical members like小宮理英 Rie Komiya, 高橋博光 Hiromitsu Takahashi, 川島孝幸 Takayuki Kawashima
don't have their own sites but their profiles can be seen here
and here

Several Muscle Musical members (along with the original choreographer Ryouji Nakamura) broke off
to do their own show. This group includes people like TERU, 知幸 Tomoyuki, Ayako Miyake, 浅見清香 Sayaka Asami.
Muscle Pic members site and blog

Tokyo Bay NK Hall 東京ベイNKホール was where the 1st SASUKE was filmed
Midoriyama Studio City 緑山スタジオ・シティ is where all the other SASUKEs have been filmed
Muscle Park マッスルパーク

Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

TBS (Japan)

SASUKE Maniac サスケマニア
JET TV (Taiwan)

Challenge (UK)

Skai TV (Greece)

C4 (New Zealand)

SASUKE All-Star Fans
Ramblings From A Rican
Ninja Warrior Review
SASUKE Training Forum
Funny Strange

SASUKE wiki (English)
SASUKE stages
SASUKE/KUNOICHI wiki (Japanese)
KUNOICHI wiki (English)
SASUKE wiki (Chinese)


Arsenette said...

Okay this is AWESOME! Massive thanks for the links!

snowy said...

Thanks for compiling the links, Ube. It's nice to have all of them in the same place.
p.s. This *almost* makes up for your blog about the ridiculous remake of the cheesiest team song ever, "Oriole Magic". I haven't thought kindly about having that song running through my head recently. The commercial itself isn't that bad when you take out the present day Orioles and the music! I confess to kinda liking the Birdland commercials. Problem is, nobody sounds like they're from Bawlmer.

tricia said...

Lots of stuff to go through but well worth it. Thanks SO MUCH for putting everything together in one place. Makes it so much easier.

THANKS again.