Thursday, September 27, 2012

Like, I guess a phoenix or something like that, SASUKE (Tentatively) RISING: TBS looking for SASUKE 28 competitors!

Update: A wee bit of new information at the bottom of this post.

Wow. M9 went bankrupt. Not me.

Anyway, aside from other versions of SASUKE that I (legally) can't view here in Japan, no news of note (or nothing noteworthy of notifying people about) had come out since M9 filed for bankruptcy.

Until today. SASUKE Maniac Forums member elephant52 broke the news that TBS had put up a page for something called (tentatively) SASUKE RISING.

The application process is from September 27th 5:00 PM to October 14th 23:59 PM.

It's the usual "send us a video of you that we will keep forever, the truly bad ones being used to humor us during end of year parties" but there is also a questionnaire of sorts added to it.

That can be found here. (All in Japanese. Note: There is nothing that explicitly says (as far as I can tell) that non-Japan residents can't enter.

There will be auditions/try-outs in Tokyo (Sunday, October 21st) and Osaka (Saturday, October 20th). That is an interesting piece of news because recently, almost all trials and try-outs had been strictly Tokyo-based, regardless of where you were from. This deepens the field that much more. Definitely a good move.

TBS also released  some..releases. In Japanese. And in English.

I am lazy so here is some copy pasta from the SMF (my comments) after the jump.