Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The All-Stars go to facebook, twitter, Virtual 9 creates Ninjafan, Ninjapan or Ninja Nation or whatever the name is of their new site

Via the SASUKE Maniacs board (and user andy810625):

SASUKE All-Stars Official facebook page open!
"SASUKE All-Stars Official facebook pages have released!  We will publish videos, images, and news which seen only there in addition to messages from All-Stars.  We'd like to exchange by using official facebook pages with everybody who loves SASUKE."

There is no one page for the All-Stars. Each has his own page (1) in addition to a twitter account (2):

Makoto "King of SASUKE" Nagano 長野誠 (1) (2)
Shingo "High-Octane Man" Yamamoto
山本進悟 (1) (2)
Toshihiro "Really, just Firefighter?" Takeda
竹田敏浩 (1) (2)
Katsumi "Mr. Something-Something" Yamada
山田勝己 (1) (2)
Kazuhiko "First Conqueror" Akiyama
秋山和彦 (1) (2)
Bunpei "Hometown Hero" Shiratori
白鳥文平 (1) (2)
Mr. "Mr. Octopus" Octopus
たこ店長、倉持稔 (1) (2)
Ushio "I'm the boss so I get one too" Higuchi
樋口潮 (1) (2)

It seems like only Higuchi's account is being run by him. I highly doubt that Shingo tweeted that he posted a new video to his facebook account yesterday.

There is also a new
website, Ninjafan (according to the url) or Ninjapan (according to the logo) or Ninja Nation (according to somewhere else on the website). The site is being run by Virtual 9, yet another spinoff of Monster 9. Currently there is nothing there but (you can find this picture if you click on on any of the above facebook pages):

The site right now is just a terms of service plus a link to join for a mere $29.99.

Overall, this is a positive step forward but it's hard to tell who their target audience is. Facebook can be accessed by fans from all over the world but so far the tweets are in both Japanese and English. Facebook is only now starting to gain popularity in Japan. However, the Ninjafan site seems aimed exclusively towards non-Japan fans.

People will no doubt get confused by the fact that none of the All-Stars seem to be actually running any of their accounts. It could be M9 trying to push the All-Stars to be more active themselves but overall, aside from the new site, this is all pretty much the same thing the old keitai mobile site was: photos and videos with very little input from the All-Stars themselves.