Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Gift V and Epilogue


Photobucket Hello?

Photobucket Double T!

Photobucket Oh. Hey Katsumi.

Photobucket Man, it's been a while! I knew you changed your phone number and I thought you gave me your new one and I guess it must have fallen out of my pocket or something.

Photobucket Yeah. must have lost it.

Photobucket Yeah! So it's a good thing I took a look at your phone while you were doing the First Stage on Monday!

Photobucket You what?

Photobucket Yeah! Anyway, wasn't it great how ******* was able to ****** the ******?

Photobucket Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Photobucket And you! You were able to ****** the ******!

Photobucket Thanks.

Photobucket But I have to ask, did you run out of spray?

Photobucket What?

Photobucket Like, I sent you a box in the winter! But you had to borrow some on Monday. So I thought you must have run out. So I sent you two more boxes when I got home!

Photobucket Really? Umm..thanks.

Photobucket You know, I bet you totally could use this stuff while you're working.

Photobucket While I'm working? Um..Katsumi, I'm a fireman. I don't think a spray can is something I can use when I'm fighting fires.

Photobucket Naw! I'm sure you can! I've got a fire going right here. Let me just spray so...

Photobucket KATSUMI! NO!

Photobucket *FWOOSH!!!!*

Photobucket Katsumi!!!

Photobucket ...

Photobucket Katsumi?!?! Are you OK?

Photobucket Mr. Takeda?

Photobucket Yes?

Photobucket My daddy has to call you back. He set the house on fire...again.

Photobucket Um..OK.



Photobucket Hi! I'm not here right now! Those hot dogs won't sell themselves you know! Leave a message!


Oh, hey, Katsumi, this is Shinji. Shinji Kobayashi. I wanted to say thank you for the double pack of SASUKE Spray you sent me the other day. And also sorry that your house burned down...again. Anyway, I was just know the Monster 9 guys right? You're pretty tight with them so I thought maybe for this next show I was wondering if you could do me a favor and ask them to not cu..



You didn't think I forgot about Takeda, did you?


Arsenette said...

.. I love you.. seriously.. bwaahhahahahahhahahah

snowy said...

That's a perfect way to start the day. You've been doing a lot lately--thanks!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...


RiderLeangle said...

Again?! XDXDXD

tricia said...

I've really missed these. Thanks for a good laugh today.

talledega7 said...

Yay! Takeda got a gift! Shinji too!

Here's hoping you do another one this Christmas. Perhaps the Americans could use a gift of Sasuke spray from the newest rat catcher at Pizza Hut?

SasukeAddict said...

LoL I LOVE this xD xD xD you so have to make a the gift VI (or whatever roman numeral it is) please tell me somehow when you do make a next one I read all of them AWESOME (I was practicly laughing my butt off!)

thanks for a great laugh:)