Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Race for the Ages

Oh man. I was looking up information on something else when I came across this:

Is that not awesome? For those who don't know what Mama Charis are, here's a link.

There are even standard rules for what type of bikes you can use.

To get an idea of how the races are, check out this video via this blog:

Pay special attention to the :45 mark or so when someone (who actually looks like they are falling down) thinks they are in Road Rash or something.

Man, seeing this got me all pumped up to get outside on my bicycle. Then I realized that I had to exert myself physically to get anywhere so that feeling disappeared rather quickly.

Anyway, a photo gallery is here. And to read about someone participating in these races in English, go here.

And yet this isn't the most awesome Grand Prix being held in Japan. There is also a tricycle race and one for Pizza delivery mopeds called the Pizza Cup (which unfortunately had to postponed due to - surprise! - a lack of entries).

There will be SASUKE content soon, I promise.

1 comment:

Arsenette said...

...... pizza cup? Okay.. they should have said Pizza BUFFET.. they wouldn't have had to cancel.. trust me on this.. You'd have overseas entries too..

LMFAO on the wipe outs.. that had to hurt.. I mean wtf.. this wasn't the Tour de France.. how can you wipe out going 1 mile an hour??