Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Somewhere in the TBS studios...

Sometime this month, somewhere in the TBS Studios

TBS Producer (TP): Right. We need a song for our WBC commercials. Something that will get the audience pumped up for the games.

Staff Guy (SG): No problem boss. But our budget is kind of tight. The higher-ups said we can only use songs from these two CDs.

TP: *Sigh* Alright. Well, what have we got?

SG: Here -

*Both look at Edward Furlong album*

Both: Nah.

TP: OK, well that leaves us with Journey. Let's go track by track and..you know what? We're running out of time. Just put a song on at random.

*SG puts on random. CD goes to track nine.*

TP: WOW! That's great! That goes perfectly with what we want! That's the kind of thing that gets the audience to their feet and rocking! Yeah! What's the name of the song Staff Guy?

SG: Umm. Let's see. It says here "Separate Ways" on the jacket.

TP: That's a great title! It can refer to the rift between Korea and Japan especially! Ever since *Insert random controversial viewpoint about Japan/Korea relations* they've gone their "separate ways". Great! Put it in!

SG: You're the boss.



A month goes by.


TP: Hey, mail. It's a youtube link from Staff Guy! It says.."Boss, maybe you should see this." I wonder what it is? *Click*


TP: Well, crap.

I kid. I loved that album when I was young.


Arsenette said...

Loved the song.. HATED the video.. in fact I grew up not watching the video.. oy.. that has not aged well..

I crack up at your TB/SG conversation :) ahahahhahahahah

Arsenette said...

Oh P.S. (crap hit the button too fast..) Ed had a CD? Lord help me.. (searches for brain bleach..)