Sunday, March 29, 2009

SASUKE Navi March 29th, 2009 Sort of Liveblog! サスケナビ!

Once we again we must thank the pirates of the internet for my ability to watch SASUKE Navi!

For pictures and more commentary, check out here.

SASUKE 22 was filmed on March 16th and will air on March 30th. Hey! That's tomorrow! So today we get SASUKE Navi to tide us over for a show that will OK, maybe it's all about whetting our appetite.

Who will we see? Who will we not see? Who will only see today and never again? We've got some info here but today we'll fill in more gaps.

It's been a couple months since I've had to do a liveblog. Let's make sure I have everything. Blog. Check. Sports drink. Check. Midget. Check. OK, I think that's it.

Here we go!

Or maybe not. I'm a bit early. They're still showing commercials. Midget! Get over here!

Here we go!

Ohh...looks like some new obstacles.

The final stage!

Miyazaki! Miyashita! SASUKE Trials! Kazuma Asa!

And we are at Midoriyama.

People are waiting in line! They get numbers. And then they will be SHOT. Oh wait.

The All-Stars! Takeda! Akiyama! Yamamoto! Yamada! Nagano!

Daisuke Miyazaki! Men of balls!

Matsunga! Miyashita!

Hiromichi Sato!

Nakao Akiyoshi, guy from Rookies!

Bobby Olugan!

More comedians than you can shake a stick at:

Audrey guy Kasuga Toshiaki!

The guy who is getting married to Miki Fujimoto from Shinagawa Koji, Shinagawa Tomoharu


Dokidoki Camp's Kishi Manabu!

Yamamoto Hiroshi doing his Kane Kosugi impersonation!


Cherry Pie!

Muscle Musical girls and guys!

White people!

Lee Yen Chi!


Highlight of 17 when Nagano completed the course. And then highlights of people failing the various new obstacles.

Miyazaki! Izuma! Iwanaga! Let's look at Miyazaki's win at this year's Sportsman No. 1. And then his second run back in SASUKE 21. And his eventual failure during the Devil Steps.

Miyashita Junichi! He won a bronze medal at Beijing. Oh, he's a swimmer. Forgot about that part. Let's watch him swim. And more training! Should I make a comment about how you almost never see any body hair in SASUKE? I think that would be the main difference if the show were made in America.

Audrey! Toshiaki Kasuga! Oh wow, he played football in high school. I mean, he always looked big.

And then let's go to see Nakao Akiyoshi of ROOKIES. He was in 20. And wait...that's a familiar place. Yep, that's Mr. SASUKE's place, ensuring that Nakao will not make it to the 2nd Stage. And he meets Mr. SASUKE. Let's look at his past jobs. And past failures.


Let's promote the ROOKIES movie! TBS synergy!

You know, ever since I looked up how much those mini-trampolines cost, I wonder how much building that set has put Mr. SASUKE in the hole and how many hot dogs he had to sell to make up for it.

They practice the Jumping Spider. He can do it! And again! No problem! I'm surprised Yamada is wearing a shirt during all this.

Bold prediction! 70 people will make it through the 1st Stage!

And Sato Hiromichi! He continues the All-Star tour! He goes to visit Shiratori Bunpei's place! Sato wants to practice the Soritatsu Kabe. He failed there last time.

They discuss Soritatsu Kabe strategy. And he can't! What a waste of time!



They're still trying. I wonder if he's trying Bunpei's patience. And here he goes to show him how it's done. Or maybe not.

Well, that was pointless.

Wakky! Shinagawa Tomoharu! They trained together! Let's look at Wakky at 20. He failed the Half-Pipe Attack (which quite a few people did). The first time he failed the Log Grip. So he and Shinagawa...practice on a real tree.

Two new 1st Stage obstacles!

2. Circle Hammer. Similar to the Metal Swing.

7. Slider Jump. Not quite the same as the Pipe Slider.

SASUKE Jesus! Makoto Nagano! Now let's invade his private life and take a look at his wedding. Is the Final Stage shaped wedding good or bad? The All-Stars nake an appearance. So Asami's job is to...count. The family that trains together stays together!

And let's look at the SASUKE Trials! 2000 people sent in videos and postcards! Let's look at some of them! And let's review last time's STQers. All of them sadly failed the 1st Stage in 21.

OH WOW. Inside look at them choosing the 60. The last eight STQers are all in.

And they are at a track.

First, let's eliminate 30??? Rope. Rope is the key to SASUKE!

A 50 meter dash and then a 30 second tug of war? What? Ah. OK. That's kind of interesting.

Too many faces. I saw Kazuma Asa on the losing side. Matachi Ryo. Mr. SASUKE's assassin. OK, the losing side has to do a 800 meter run. The top ten I believe. Miygai and Asa are through! The winner was Mori something. Murakami and Matachi are out!

Hashimoto Koji! He has 30 seconds to complete a run and then get up an incline to get the flag. Urushihara Yuji is through! Some guys aren't! Kazuma Asa is up next! Yes! No! One more time. NO! Keep going! Ikeru! NO! NO! Asa is out! Damn. Kuyashii.

Next. 37.5 meter run over benches. Kawaguchi Tomohiro is through! Casey is back! Some other guys are out! Kubota is out! Miyagi doesn't make it! Only Urushihara, Kawaguchi and Hashimoto are though! I believe they have fifteen seconds.

Trampoline time! Hey, I guess Casey didn't do that well. Hint, the guy in the long white jacket will make it.

It's a...dammit, I don't know what that thing is called. It's not a pole vault. The first guy fails! Kawaguchi up next! He just got married! That means that he'll have someone to cry for him.


What the hell is that Jinro commercial about?

OK. It's a high jump with a trampoline.

Get your phones out and download the SASUKE game!

Kawaguchi up next. Yes! Do they HAVE to do the flip?

His wife is relieved. Maeda something is out. Mr. Youtube video guy Tomino Keita is out!

Hashimoto! He's a sports instructor and former gymnast. Here he goes. YES!

He's through! That's two!

Sato Hiroki! Nomura clear! One more guy clear! Urushihara Yuji! Up next!

He's finished SASUKE Park fifteen times!

And he's through! That's it! SASUKE Park All-Stars REPRESENT!

And more fluff as we get Levi on Nagano's boat.


Let's go to Narita Airport! Levi! SA-su-ke.

Well, that's awkward. I'm pretty sure that this whole "relationship" is at least a bit manufactured.

Shots of Levi stuff. Levi isn't as strong as Nagano though, so he's a bit slower.

And then let's go to Gifu! And visit Toshihiro Takeda! Hey, maybe they'll fight a fire together! At Mr. SASUKE's house.

This is basically Levi doing the things that we've seen Nagano and Takeda do in their promo videos.

Luci Romberg! David Campbell! Yaruzo!

Lee Yen Chi! He's back!

The Muscle Musical! More Monster 9 synergy as they promote their new show, Treasure.

I see Ayako Inada. Shimada Hiroyo . Tatsumi and Kawashima Takayuki.

Mr. SASUKE! In 20, he fell. In 21, he timed out.

Oy vey. Did he get a letter from a sick child?

Back. The staff give him a letter. On Chip n Dale stationary. Oh crap. A sick child.

His (dying?) message is to see Yamada make the 2nd Stage. Well, that's just going to make me feel like a dick. Note that the he doesn't want Yamada to make the Final Stage. Just the 2nd Stage. He may be dying but he's not stupid.

And the kid is there! He's eight. He meets all the All-Stars and........OH...that's probably what that blog that links to Make a Wish Japan I found is about.

Matsunaga! He's back! He failed the Salmon Ladder last time.

Kitagawa Tomoki! He was at Sportsman No. 1 in 2009.

Paul ANTHONY Terek! He's back! Let's take a look at his run in 17. He failed the Cliff Hanger. He's going all the way to the top!

Okuyama Yoshiyuki! He's back! Remember, SASUKE is like his Olympics! Hey, I can give you a link to where he works. He failed the Stick Slider last time, something most people thought was impossible.


And more teasing as we see someone taking on the Final Stage.


Yamada! Takeda! Nagano! Miyazaki (99). Miyashita! Nakao! Sato (90). Kojima! Yamamoto! Nochi! Kasuga! Wakky! Shoji! Levi! Terek! Kitagawa!

The Final Stage! It's all lit up! And ready! And so am I!

SASUKE 22 tomorrow!


Arsenette said...

Dude that was a hysterical blog today :) Yay! I'm too friggin' beat to do mine .. I might sleep on it and work on it tomorrow :p Thank the LORD it's one day off from Sasuke 22..

OMFG on Yamada.. dude loves the camera..

Shingo 31.. wow.. I didn't see where Akiyama was.

Trials was BRUTAL.. almost no course to speak of either.. totally slapped together at the last second.

bserendipitous said...

Great blog Ube, thanks so much for posting the sad about the little boy though. I hesitate to ask about the midget! Thanks again, your blog always brings a good laugh and a new twist on Sasuke.

pamwax said...

Great Ube. Although I watched, reading your blog gives me more understanding and makes me laugh. Today you even made my hubby laugh.

Do we have to see Yamada cry again...

snowy said...
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Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Ahggg! I laughed so hard I almost swallowed my tongue! That was hilarious! Watching was pretty funny in places, but your blog capped it! Wonderful! Thank you very much.

chaki said...

Thanks for the blog for those who missed the show like me! So I've gathered it was lots of Sasuke trial and some of celebrity training with All-stars (two birds with one stone) and invasion of Nagano's privacy! Thanks!

ninjaguru1 said...

I don't understand the two new obstacles...