Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Gift III and IV

Photobucket Hey Bunpei!

Photobucket Yes, character with no name and face?

Photobucket While you were at lunch someone left you a phone message.

Photobucket Really?

Photobucket Yeah, it's from a Mister...Sasuke?

Photobucket *Sigh* I told him not to call here.

Photobucket What?

Photobucket Nothing. What was the message?

Photobucket He said that he was calling to make sure that you got his gift and that he'll call you tonight after his shift at 7-11 is over.

Photobucket Alright, got it. Thanks.

Photobucket Oh, wait. You have another message. And it's from..Mister Sasuke again.

Photobucket *Sigh* And?

Photobucket He said that maybe you should try using the spray on your back because he knows that it always makes him feel better and even though his eyes still sting from time to time it sure seems to have helped him see better.

Photobucket Wha? Um. OK. Thanks.



"Leave a message after the beep."


Photobucket Hey! Shingo! It's me, Katsumi! How are you doing? I'm on my lunch break at 7-11 and wanted to call to make sure that you got my gift! Isn't it great? Anyway, I was thinking about your hat. Yeah! Your hat! Like, how it's always falling off and stuff. So I was thinking, what if you used some of the spray on the inside of your hat to make it stay in place? Wouldn't that be great? Actually, I had the idea before the last SASUKE. Me and my assassin tried it at my place when we were training and it seemed to work really well! Well, maybe too well. I guess we put too much and it was really hard to take off. Like, really really hard. So long story short, that's why Takuya showed up with his head shaved. But I think if we...


Photobucket (to his wife) And that's why we should always screen our calls.



tricia said...

Great! I was wondering about that shaved head.....

Will Yamada end up at KFC?

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Beep. Ube? Love these calls. Thanks man. Did you get my gift?...Beep.

Arsenette said...

Aahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahha Aww man.. they keep getting better.. he's now at 7-11.. where is he going to work next? :D

chaki said...

The Monster 9 guys would love this stuff... Priceless.

Arsenette said...

I'm waiting for Yamada to get that job at Crispie Creme.. you know.. the one where he's out giving samples while people wait in line for an hour? yeah.. that.. :p

Anonymous said...

As I read these, I kept thinking the same thing.