Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 108 Defilements and New Years Omamori 百八煩悩 と お守り

Were I smarter person (or at the very least a far less lazy person), I'd have a list of the following two things prepared but I'm not so:

除夜の鐘 Joya no kane

The 108 Defilements (百八煩悩)

Different types of Omamori (お守り)


tricia said...

I like the idea of postcards for New Years but with our USPO, they'd never arrive on time and certainly not be delivered on New Years Day. Perish the thought!

Oh yes, I can identify with some of those 108 defilements.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Happy New Year, Ube!

Arsenette said...

Cool links. I learn somethign everyday. The talisman thingies are cute though.. figures an American would say that.. but they are :) I want a couple of those :D

Do you do any of the bell ringing things Ube?

LOL Tricia I agree!