Monday, July 21, 2008

SASUKE MANIAC July 21, 2008 Sort of liveblog サスケマニア

This week! The liveblog is back! Thanks random person!

As always, photos can be seen over at Rambling Rican!

What's been going on? Well since the last time (the female comedy duo race) there's been a trampoline competition. Geinojin Sportsman No. 1 Wakky and others have been doing this thing where they have to use a trampoline to jump over a bar - like a high jump of sorts but using a trampoline so the bar goes higher.

Right now! Random Muscle Musical members are challenging each other as Daisuke Nakata and Naoki Iketani look on!

Some people fail! Some people pass! Yoshikawa (?) passes 2m 60cm.

Naoki Iketani! Tondeiku! 2m 60cm is no problem for Iketani! I believe Iketani and co. are going to try to break Wakky's record (whatever it is.)

Daisuke Nakata! He's up! And he grazes the bar but it doesn't go down! It doesn't go down!

Morikami Daisuke! This is his second attempt. YES! No problem! Great form!

The Muscle Musical members are all wearing different shirts like they're some living ad for the Muscle Musical Cafe Press shop or something.

Seto something! I believe he was at SASUKE 20. Here he goes! NO!

Let's look at the different people left! One assumes that since Nakata is a pro trampoline player he has an advantage.

Our final four!
Yoshikawa Yasuaki (吉川泰昭) is a 2006 World Champion Silver medal gymnastics wheel (gym wheel, German wheel, Rhönrad) winner!

Morikami Daisuke 守上大輔 is a mountain bike rider! See him do his thing here.

Nakata Daisuke 中田大輔 is a pro trampoline player.

Iketani Naoki 池谷直樹 is a former gymnast and frequent competitor on all things Monster 9 related.

2m 70cm! Chotto takai!

Morikami up first! No! His knees catch the bar.

Yoshikawa Yoshiaki is up next! Here he goes. Ikkai me! He does it! We've got a legit challenger to the two Monster 9 veterans.

I hope that one day the female Muscle Musical members get a chance to do this rather than just cheer with pom-poms in the back.

Iketani! He's serious! This ain't no Monster Box son! He's up and does it! Nakata, being the apparently nice guy that he is, is all smiles as Iketani passes.

Looks like everything from now on is the new record.

Nakata Daisuke for pride! NO! Yabai. Morikami and Nakata get another chance. Morikami is a mountain bike pro rider.

Morikami! Dou da! No! For his first time (it is a made up event after all) he did well! According to him anyway.

Nakata! Can he do it? Here he goes! NO! Kuyashii! Mr. Trampoline must have caught Mr. SASUKE disease!

Now it's down to Iketani and Yoshikawa. They don't have cool Monster Box comparison photos yet. Someone mentions how it's like the Monster Box.

2m 80cm. Yoshikawa up first! He's a medalist in something. He hasn't missed yet.

Here he goes! NO! Shippai! He caught the bar with his chest on his way up.

Iketani has pressure on him as the veteran. He also hasn't missed yet. Can he put pressure on Yoshikawa.

Here he goes. NO!

They both have only one chance left! Who will be the champion! Yoshikawa is up first. Iketani can't watch.

NO! He tried to put his arms together (everyone else does it with arms spread eagle) but it didn't help!

Iketani focuses! He doesn't have his pit powder. Will it make a difference? He gets set...

Here he goes. CMs.

Dante's suit is too tight.

Man these Axe Effect puppet commercials are strange.

By the way, no word on if there is a body similar to the World Monster Box Association Alliance of the Universe for this new event to certify that they are indeed setting a new record.

Iketani! Last chance! No! Giri giri! His knee just catches it. Anyway, 2m 70cm is the new record!

SASUKE Trial 2008 Summer!

Aoki Akira! He's a single father! He didn't make it at the last SASUKE Trial! But he's been training! He's a construction worker. I wonder if he nicks stuff from work so that he can build obstacles at home:

Hey Akira!

Wait, that Kirin Lemon commercial is hilarious! He has tan lines like the machine he uses to build his arm strength!

Ah, it's hard to explain right now.


Other Construction Worker: Hey Akira! Where are you going with that pipe?


Oh wait, we're back. Wait. Is he break dancing? AH. He uses it to develop his rhythm and balance.

More about his home life.

SASUKE Trial clips! I bet they get at least a month out of this! That will be from next week!


Other Construction Worker: Hey Akira! Where are you going with that pipe?
Akira: Oh. Um.
Other Construction Worker: You're not stealing stuff to make SASUKE obstacles at home again are you?
Akira: What? Nonononono. I'm um. I'm taking this home to keep it safe.
Other Construction Worker: Keep it safe?
Akira: Yeah. Yeah. YEAH. KEEP IT SAFE. That's it! The boss said that this was a really important pipe so I have to take it home to make sure nothing happens to it.
Other Construction Worker: Oh. OK.
Akira: (to himself) My Pipe Slider will finally be complete!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Poor Nakata, I was really rooting for him, too. Great post. Love it. Thanks.

tricia said...

Excellent, excelent Ube. Missed it but feel like I've seen it after reading your blog. Thanks so much.

Arsenette said...

Sorry took me so long again. THANKS for yours! I can't understand what they are saying and can't read Kanji so I missed half of what was going on. LOL Iketani missing his white pits LOL

Sorry but next week's show looks like a dud..

ghkj said...

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