Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teenage Bus hijacker is from Ube

From the Japan Today article on the story of a 14-year-old boy hijacking a JR bus with a knife (By the way, unless you enjoy the feeling of banging your head against a wall, it's generally a good idea to ignore the comments section of any Japan Today story):

"Police arrested a boy Wednesday for hijacking a bus on the Tomei Expressway in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture. Ten passengers and a driver were on the bus from Nagoya to Tokyo, operated by JR Tokai Bus Co, at the time, none of whom were injured in the incident, according to police.

The boy, who was in possession of two knives, told police he is a 14-year-old second grader at a junior high school in Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture. He said he hijacked the bus in order to cause trouble to his parents, who had scolded him, according to police."

The FNN News story clearly has the 宇部市 kanji in the right corner (click for a larger view):

Go Ube! At least no one got hurt. And he'll have something to write about if his teachers ask him to do a "What I did during my summer vacation" essay.

More stories here:
MDN (English)
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Arsenette said...

LOL Ube! It must be slow in Ube to be proud of a hijacker :p Okay okay.. They made the news :) So generally it's that quiet of a town?

tricia said...

I wouldn't have been alive to talk to the police. My parents would have killed me! I feared them more than the police. They weren't tyrants by any stretch of the imagination but just the memory of seeing mom wring the neck of a chicken made me wonder what she could do to me!

Looks like this was really big news. Hope the next big news story doesn't involve a weapon and a teenager.

Deas said...

That's intense. Wow. I'm glad nobody was hurt. But somehow I doubt he'll need to write about it in an essay - if he just picks up a copy of the paper, and he's set. In any event, I'd say he succeeded in causing trouble for his parents. Ha ha.

(And you're right about the comments section at Japan Today. Lots of other sites too, actually.)

lostinube said...


Well, let's the time I've been blogging Ube has made national news twice. The hijacking is one, the other was
Maji-chan incident last summer. You don't here the name pop up all that often so you take what you can get. That reminds me, it's almost August so Maji-chan may show up again. Now THAT would be some news.

Oh wait, there was that time when the old lady killed her husband with a baseball bat last October. Ah, memories.

See, now if teenagers could drive here, he could have just stolen his parents car and gone on a joyride or something to irk them. You'd think the possibility of jail time (or the minor equivalent) would not really "show" your parents anything.

If it were possible, I wouldn't have linked to a Japan Today article. I've never seen a place devoted to Japan with so many people who seem to hate Japan.

tricia said...

Maji-chan may have liked summer in Ube so much that a return visit just might be in its (not sure of the gender) plans. If there is a return visit, hopefully you can get a picture this time.

Big Jim said...

FYI, apparently the kid went to Fujiyama Junior High School. I have no idea where that you?

lostinube said...

It's in that area behind what used to be Sunday Sun, before you reach the bridge to Kounan.