Thursday, August 30, 2007

Attention SASUKE Lovers! 新SASUKE 2007秋 (SASUKE 2007 Fall) air date announced?

Well, going through the Japanese Wikipedia SASUKE page brings up this little tidbit at the end of the ratings chart:
第19回大会 2007年 (18:55 - 20:54 9月19日放送予定。)
19th Competition 2007 (18:55 - 20:54 September 19th Broadcast airdate)

Woo hoo!

Not only that, but the next Kunoichi date has been announced and the page is already up at TBS here.
Kunoichi will be shown on September 5th from 6:55 PM. Contestants this year are Ayako Miyake (who has completed the course three times), Yuko Mizuno (sort of the Kunoichi Mr. SASUKE except she has a real job -- kind of), Asami Abe and many others.

Don't know if I'm going to do a live blog (depends on my schedule) but I will be posting results and pictures as soon as I can!

Also, G4, which airs SASUKE in the states as Ninja Warrior has been holding a contest to decide which one of their viewers will be their "American Ninja." The board regulars are not exactly kind to the contestants.


pamwax said...

Will you be doing the play by play of Sasuke 19 this year and if so do you mind if I post your blog site on the Nagano Webjam page

Jeannie said...

I'm a huge fan of Sasuke (and a friend of Pamwax, who posted above), stuck here in the States. I enjoyed your last play-by-play, and would greatly appreciate one for Sasuke 19. Thank you.

lostinube said...

pamwax: I don't mind if you post my site on the nagano webjam page although I think people there have seen my blog before because I used to post on the G4 forums.

jeannie: thanks for the compliment!

both: I'd like to do the play-by-play again but I don't know if I'll be able to sit down and do it real-time like last time because of my schedule. I will try to put something up though!

pamwax said...

Thanks ahead of time for any info.

Jeannie said...

Anything you put up will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

I'm a regular at the G4 boards, and you are right: unfortunately there have been some that have not been very kind to the Ninja Warrior Challenge finalists. :-(

socalclarkfam said...

i am sorry for the way the finalist were treated probably most harshly by me I have apologized to the finalist THEY deserve to be their my frustration was at some of the top ten picks and g4 flagrant disregard for their own rules imo I promise to behave myself on your board as I believe true fans are who can be found here I messed up when registering and didn't put my identity I am psycho4nw at g4 but I 'm trying to be less...well...psycho awesome site and super info keep it up lostinube