Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Series of Interesting CMs: 牛乳に相談だ The Japan Dairy Council

牛乳に相談だ (ぎゅうにゅうにそうだんだ/gyuunyuu ni soudanda/Can someone give me a reasonable sounding translation of this?) is a campaign by the Japan Dairy Council (中央酪農会議) aimed at getting young people in Japan to drink milk again. Someone might want to tell them about their main page title: Welcow to 日本の酪農 -社団法人中央酪農会議-.
Anyway, there have been a series of commercials:
Milk enables student to take on his chalk wielding teacher:

(thanks to Youtube user gooooopon)

Milk helps student battle lion and save the girl/Milk makes student so popular she is caught in a flood of love letters/the chalk one again:

(thanks to Youtube user countsei)

Milk makes mom and

(thanks to Youtube user ajibee)

Which is your favorite?
(Note: There are a couple of other videos (one about basketball and one about synchronized swimming) that I haven't found yet.)

You have to admit that these are much more interesting than the milk commercials I had to watch when I was growing up:

(thanks to Youtube user panbiscuit)

Although possibly not as interesting as this:

(thanks to youtube user nerrad712).

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