Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ube Maji-watch 2007! アザラシのマジちゃん

So Ube + summer vacation + a seal = Maji-watch 2007!

Quick follow-up to this story.

Today I went down to the Majime River and lo and behold! a whole bunch of other people had the same idea resulting in a slight traffic hazard.

Since "Maji-chan" (Its name isn't official yet -- rumour has it someone in the City Office wanted to name it Ube-chan, which is ten million times worse than Maji-chan. Also, I'm sticking to Maji-chan because it's a better name than Dice-K) has popped up twice people around town are rushing to get a quick glimpse.

Actually, I got the briefest of glimpses today of Maji-chan. Maji-chan's head popped up for a few seconds while I was down by the river. But I wasn't able to get a picture of our little scamp because it was so sudden and my mobile phone skills are sorely lacking in speed. Ah well.


I don't know if this woman was sitting there to see Maji-chan or she was just resting because there's no way she would be able to get up to the fence in time. Or she's really spry. I don't know. Look, it's hot these days, okay?

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