Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yamaguchi-ken high school student suspected of murder found in Akihabara

More Yamaguchi-ken news, this time some sad news.
A 16 year-old 1st year high school student (name withheld) accused of murdering his grandfather in Kaminoseki, Yamaguchi was found in Akihabara. He had traveled to Tokyo from Yamaguchi. He had also assaulted and locked up his grandmother. The boy beat his grandfather with a bat and then strangled him.
The boy was not actually nabbed because he was a murder suspect. The one-way trip to Tokyo cost him roughly 12000 (and because he used local trains took almost 24 hours) and left him with only 50 yen. He was caught shoplifting food in the Akihabara Don Kihote and is being held in Tokyo right now.

Yahoo Japan article with news report is here.
Latest MDN article in Japanese is here.
MDN story in English before he got caught is here.

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