Monday, September 22, 2008

SASUKE MANIAC September 21, 2008 Sort of liveblog サスケマニア

Last week! There was this program on TBS called SASUKE! You might have heard of it. It was pretty nifty!

This week! Why waste time with filming new footage when TBS probably has reams of the stuff laying on the floor? Yes, let's see what got cut out of the main show! It's SASUKE Maniac!

Let's start with Takeda and the Shin-Cliff Hanger! Nagano and the Spider Flip! Levi doing his flip! Miyazaki and the first stage!

It's SASUKE 2008 Another Story!

It's Moeyan! And Hiroshi Yamamoto!

Some unidentified people fail! Moeyan and Hiroshi Yamamoto discuss strategy.

Let's look at Hiroshi training. He has a boxing license, y'know. The other members of Robert ロバート and Wakky talking about his chances.

84. Hiroshi Yamamoto! 山本博! Steps. OK! Log Grip. He gets ready. Some problems with the "clinch." Here he goes! AND NO! After all that, his day is finished. Guess boxing doesn't help you hold a giant piece of wood.

Dante! He's extremely nervous! He appeared on the last Sportsman No. 1. He went in-door rock climbing to prepare himself for this day. He touches fists with Nakata Daisuke and shares words with Levi.

Dante (Carver)! Steps. Log Grip coming up. Taking some time. Here he goes. Yes! Can't see his number. Pole Maze. Uh oh. Brian says oh no! One more time! Still a bit stuck. Hey! I have to revise my information! Jumping Spider! He's up! Some problems with the Spider Walk. Taking a while. The time is going red! That's it! Time Up!

He feels exhausted! Chotto tsukareta!

Olivia! Momomi! Yuumi! Moeyan!

Yuumi Seimiya! She was there last time when she failed the Steps.

Seimiya Yuumi! 清宮佑美! Steps! She's..she almost made it! Oh well. Mata da! No revenge for you! Sugoi shock. Not really, Yuumi. Not really.

Moeyan! We saw Red during the broadcast. How did Blue do?

Moeyan Red! Ikebe Ai 池辺愛! Steps! No! Mecha hayakatta!

Oh wait. Did only one of them participate?

Momomi Yoshino! She's your Muscle Queen! We saw what happened to her too. She has her trophy! And her ball!

34. Momomi Yoshino! 吉野ももみ! Steps. No! Her foot slipped! And that's it.

Olivia Munn! Is she saying okaasan? Huh?

27. Olivia Munn! Um. She's taking time at the start. Steps. NO! Ninja Warrior! That was..what it was.

It was scary!

JFA Free Climbing Champion Onoue Aya 尾上彩! She's 12! Steps. Yes! Log Grip coming up. YES! Oh wow. Pole Maze. NO! She couldn't get it to move. Stuck on the pole. She tries to go back to the platform but NO! She falls in!

Here's some photos of Aya at the Free Climbing event they showed.

Let's see what people brought with them!

78! We don't know his name! Perhaps it is Kiritori Seijiro! 切道正治郎! He should give us a call if we're wrong. He had problems getting off his clothes! Um. OK. He failed the steps.

Maeda Ke! 前田けゑ I found his blog! He's a castanet performer! He fails the Log Grip!

Urushihara Yuuji! 漆原裕治! Remember him? He was at BUG IN MIKI!

And let's go back to Miki for BUG IN MIKI! At the time nobody could do the Shin-Cliff Hanger! Nagano gets a big ol' laugh at not doing it. So do the other All-Stars.

But Yuuji did! And let's see Mr. SASUKE give him a brief handshake then walk away! Dick.

72. Urushira Yuuji! While he was waiting, Shingo Yamamoto got stuck on the Flying Chute. Mr. SASUKE gives him advice! I hope Yuuji didn't listen to him. That All-Stars are watching! Steps. Yes! CM.


Steps. Yes! Log Grip. Yes! No problem! Pole Maze was skipped! Jumping Spider! Yes! Spider Walk! Half-Pipe Attack! Yes! Soritatsu Kabe. First time. No! Second time! Yes! Flying Chute. Yes! Wait. NO! He was bouncing around on the rope and couldn't hold on. Darn. I wanted him to do well. At least he got his day in the sun.

Men! Are! Crying! CMs.

Dark Temptation! Take a drink! Wait.

More men crying! Mr. SASUKE! Kazuma Asa! Makoto Nagano doesn't cry!

Three made it to the 3rd Stage! Will we see more behind the scenes action? Find out next week!

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Arsenette said...

Great job Ube and thanks for helping me with that name. I can't believe how many I'm starting to recognize and look for the more I watch this show!

I found this show a bit better than what they did last time for Sasuke 20.. I don't know.. seems more .. put together? Hard to explain really.

P.S. Did you get any Olivia hate mail yet? It's all over my blog LOL It's hysterical.