Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Six Things September 10, 2008

1. SASUKE 2008 秋 (or SASUKE 21) will definitely be on the 17th. TBS page is finally up here.

2. Ninja Warrior is coming to...TBS? Well, not exactly TBS. TBS Channel (TBSチャンネル) is TBS' pay cable channel. Starting from October they'll be showing the Ninja Warrior 30 minute version of SASUKE with the Japanese announcing and English subtitles. This bodes well for fans of the show in Japan since none of the competitions have been shown since their original airings. I guess Kota Honma can give his old VHS cassettes a bit of a rest come October.

3. Hoshino says he's out (it's a Japan Today link so ignore the comments). Bobby says he's ready. Aside from soccer (and even now it's back to a native coach since Oshim, how many Japan national teams have foreign coaches? A quick look at the Japanese wikipedia entry for the Beijing Olympics shows that every team had a Japanese coach. I'm not denigrating the local born coaches but if Japan wants to step up it may need to look abroad for it's leadership in the future.

4. Tom Brady. I'll just leave it at that.

5. This song irritates me (thanks a lot SaitamaKids) so I will irritate you:

I prefer this version better:

Thanks for some 江頭2:50 mudorinositajiki!

6. Something for those looking at Japanese names to reference. No real reason to put this up. I just wanted it out there.

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Arsenette said...

LOL thanks for the random thoughts :) Been a long 2 days already.. hard to not burn out before we get there! Keep up the great work and humor!