Monday, September 15, 2008

SASUKE MANIAC September 14, 2008 Sort of liveblog サスケマニア

We're back!

Well, what can Monster 9 and TBS show us after SASUKE Navi from this afternoon?

Here we go!

And they start with what I will dub the "Famous" commercial.

Looks like they're focusing on the famous people again.

Let's start with some SASUKE Matsur! It's fun and..pain and water for the whole family!

Let's forget those random people and move on to the main event!

Tomohiro Matsunaga! He won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics. And the man who beat him, Henry Cejudo is there just too! Just to rub it in that Matsunaga is a loser apparently.

We see Daisuke Miyazaki and his balling posse. Wait, what?

We relive Miyazaki's run at 20. And then we relive his visit to Muscle Park.

Can you imagine what the coverage would be like if the national had made it to the Olympics?

You'd think that Matsunaga would get more coverage but actually, the women's wrestling team got more attention with Saori Yoshida dominating her division and Kyoko Hamaguchi's dad being all famous and stuff.

So far this episode is like the digest version of SASUKE Navi. Expect masked wrestlers and unknown university students to appear soon.

The Muscle Musical boys! Hiromitsu Takahashi gets his boys all riled up!

And we get a quick run down of all the celebrities who are going to appear - Hiromichi Sato, Wakky, Higedanshaku, Dante, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Moeyan. Did I miss anyone? Whatever.

It's All-Stars time! Bunpei gets a bit more airtime since he's making his return to the show.

The SASUKE staff went to visit him back in May. Back then he figures that if he thinks he's OK he'll do it.

They go back to him in July. Finally, they apparently stalk him at his home in the evening as he is training in August. He takes a couple of attempts but gets up his homemade Soritatsu Kabe. And he does his homemade Shin-Cliff Hanger.

Bunpei: The Return! Look for it in stores this October.

Let's go to Toshihiro Takeda as he looks at porn poetry on his laptop again.

We take a look at his run at 20 when he timed out on the very last obstacle of the 1st Stage.

I think his was the most surprising of the runs during 20. Yamada is Yamada and Yamamoto is prone to what the Japanese call a "careless miss" at times so Takeda having problems with the 1st Stage is slightly bewildering.

We go back to Kagoshima to invade Makoto Nagano's privacy. The way the world has built him up (both fans in Japan and the US treat him like he's some kind of god) it's wonder that there isn't a bunch of children running along with him and housewives waving to him from the clifftops.

We look at his problems with the 2nd Stage from the last time.

There's Levi! OK. He seems a little bit more smarmy this time. That's weird. I never notice that before.

Oy, there was an earthquake in Iwate just now. M4. 1 I believe.

TBS builds up The Legend of Levi, a TV special coming to you this December.

And we get to see the videos of the other ANC winners. But only after this break!

I'm used to weird commercials but a blue gorilla singing in an ad for coffee is pretty up there.

Luci wants to show that women can do the course!

Mark Whitmer can do lots of stuff! He's excited!

Brian Orosco! He's not going to worry about things as much this time!


Oy vey. It's the Axe Dark Temptation commercial again.

Is 24 the first foreign show to get it's own pachinko machine?

Bunpei is 83. Matsunaga is 91. Cejudo is 92. Wakky is 94. Yamada is 96. Miyazaki is 97. Nagano is 100!

I think the dude who fails the Log Grip is the Random Muscle Park Blog Guy. The guy who fails the Jumping Spider is from the Muscle Musical as is the guy who does the flip during the Flying Chute.

See everyone on Wednesday! The liveblog will start part way through but I'll get to it eventually!


Arsenette said...

Yeah - Sasuke Navi + Bunpei fluff piece. LMAO about Nagano and I have to agree about Levi.. I hope I'm wrong because that would suck about Levi. I hope for his sake he repeats his run .. God if he falls after that .. wow.. I don't know what's up with Levi.. I didn't really ask..

As for Nagano chicks again.. all bets are off if he gets in a convention here.. Wonder what Florida is goign to look like if he shows up.

tricia said...

True fluff but I loved it. Have read things about Levi seeming smug during 20 - maybe that's the case but hope not. Leave the poor gorilla alone - I loved him!

Not too worried about Nagano in FL. Most of the participants will be anime fanatics who probably don't know who he is - that's why 8 hours of autographs seems excessive.

GREAT job as usual Ube.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thanks Ube. I'm sorry I missed the Bunpei fluff piece. But Elsie already knew I was gonna say that didn't you? :)
I'm just saying... that Muscle Musical thing (what they showed of it on Sasuke Navi) looks way better than that horrid Cirque du Soliel (sp) that every one makes such a fuss over and that I find incredibly boring. :) Wouldn't mind going to see it, MM, that is. Not Cirque whatever.
Anyway... thanks for the blog Ube.

Arsenette said...

I need to drop dead now.. long day LOL