Monday, May 19, 2008

SASUKE MANIAC May 18, 2008 Sort of liveblog! サスケマニア

As always, the pictures that go with the story are here!

Yamada! Nagano! Takeda! Akiyama! Someone else! You have two choices! The All-Stars go head-to-head at the Maguro Festival! Can their friendship survive? Will the maguro ever be the same? Who will be number one? Who will conquer the Maguro Festival Mock-SASUKE Obstacle Course of Doom and Destruction? It's SASUKE MANIA!

While we're waiting, let's watch JSpo and take a look at Princess Megu (プリンセス・メグ) and the rest of Yanagimoto Japan, i.e. the Japan Women's National Volleyball Team who beat Puerto Rico tonight, 25-20, 25-18, 17-25, 26-24 in their bid to play in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.

Whoa, what's up with that new Axe commercial? (It's the limited whatever one with the puppets)

What would YOU do if your girlfriend was a cyborg?

Last week we saw the first day of the Maguro Festival and the fun to be had there. This week, they promised us a competition of sorts as the All-Stars and others try to complete the short course.

More information about the Maguro Festival. HEY! That's Shingo Yamamoto! Perhaps he was busy pumping gas. Hey! Crazy marriage lady again.

Pipe Slider, Jumping Bar, Trampoline (just Trampoline), Shin-Cliff Hanger. It's some kind of special stage for today? No idea.

Some spectators try to tackle the course.

One guy (Yahagi Makoto 矢作誠) is from Tokyo. He has sent in SASUKE videos before but couldn't cut it at the last SASUKE trial. The Maguro Festival could be his chance!

Start! Pipe Slider. Cut to the Jumping Bar. No problem! Takeda and Yamamoto look on! Shin-Cliff Hanger. Swinging...swinging. NO! Was this his last chance? I guess we'll have to wait for 21 to find out.

Others are unable to clear the Shin-Cliff Hanger.

The All-Stars confer with each other. They're going to do a time trial! So they'll not only be competing against the course but against each other! All-Stars explode! They climb to the top of the course as they are introduced. Too bad Yamada didn't fall down while he was doing that.

Akiyama is up first! Pipe Slider. Hayai! Jumping Bar. SASUKE no All-Stars Gachinko Battle! Trampoline! Shin-Cliff Hanger coming up. NO! He fell! (He had made it during the demo part last week.)

Yamamoto is up next! Pipe Slider and Jumping Bar are done! Whoops! He went in the wrong order! He went for the Shin-Cliff Hanger before the Trampoline. Shin-Cliff Hanger..NO!

Mr. SASUKE is next! Pipe Slider and Jumping Bar are fine. Trampoline (you jump to a bar to hold on to then go a short distance). Shin-Cliff Hanger. OY! He's the first to complete the course! 50秒91!

Takeda up now! Pipe Slider. Jumping Bar. Woo. He's going fast. HOLY CRAP. Did Mr. SASUKE do something to piss him off? Takeda finishes the short course in less than half the time of Yamada. 20秒87!

Nagano! Can he do it? Man. It was too fast to even describe. What was his time? We wait to build some tension...21秒20!

Takeda wins!

Your Maguro Festival Mock-SASUKE Obstacle Course of Doom and Destruction winner is Toshihiro Takeda!

Yamada and Takeda miss Shiratori.

They go to Shiratori's house to talk to him (where he was apparently cleaning his SASUKE set - does he use Pledge?). Didn't quite catch what they said. Sorry.

Back to Maguro Festival. They all get a present! Free fish for everyone!

The All-Stars talk about their experience. Some little kid tries to get into Nagano's camera shot.

And that's it for this year!

2008 Muscle Queen! 2008 マッスルクィーン!

Last week! Kayo Noro 野呂佳代 defeated Yurisa ユリサ to tie them up at the top of the leader board. This week they go to Hiromichi Sato's old hangout, the Muscle Park!

Noro and Yurisa are already through so the others have to battle it out to determine the

Coordination! Momomi Yoshino 吉野ももみ and Izumi Takami 泉貴美! They have to follow the voice and touch the appropriate pad with their hands or feet. Yoshino is first! She gets 42. Izumi up now. She missed one somewhere I think. They stop tracking her score to build suspense. She has 40! Yoshino wins!

Next! Cherry Pie チェリー☆パイ explodes! I have no idea what the name of this event is. It's like Can Alley, if you know what that is. They have to throw balls into a raised basket but a cover is rotating so something. I have no idea. Kassun gets a total of 15 after two rounds. Miho only needs five to get through since she had 11 in the first round.

CMs. FYI, Kyoko Fukada has taken Kumi Koda's place as the CM face of Kirin.


Pressure! Miho struggles but pulls through! Kassun is out!


Oh wait. The program is over. I guess next week is more Muscle Queen! See you next week!


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Great blog Ube. Enjoyed the show and as always I enjoyed your insights.

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