Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Six Things May 7, 2008

Golden Week is over and it's back to work! But before that happens let us enjoy a little bit of music, shall we?

1. This got stuck in my head all because of EDSBS. Die schnellste Maus von Mexiko!

(thanks to youtube user TheSpeedyGonzales)

2. Small Time Blues was written by Pete Droge at the request of Cameron Crowe for the movie Almost Famous. The song was meant to be in the style of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. The actual clip in the movie is very short and happens when Penny Lane and William are going through the Riot House.

(thanks to youtube user PaulMdx)

3. Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do).

(thanks to youtube user IanLevine)

4. Brian Wilson - Surf's Up. Not the finished version of the song. If I remember correctly, this clip was for a Leonard Bernstein program where he praised the song as standing out from the rest of popular music from the time (which Bernstein did not have a high opinion of).

(thanks to youtube user chocolatina)

5. Opening credit theme to Bruce Lee's Big Boss (or Fists of Fury if you're going to get all picky about it) by the Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

(thanks to youtube user nasos72)

6. 踊る大捜査線 - RHYTHM AND POLICE.

(thanks to youtube user HAKUGINHI)


Arsenette said...

Yay a video blog :D

Omg.. never knew there was a FRENCH song for Speedy Gonzalez.. oy!

Btw.. never saw the last video before - RHYTHM AND POLICE. Was it a movie? or Series?

tricia said...

Is Golden Week considered a national holiday?

Arsenette said...

That's what I found.. I only knew of it because of Anime LOL (Shock there :p )

lostinube said...

German song actually. :)

Rhythm and Police is the name of the song. The name of the TV series and the subsequent movies in Japanese is Odoru Daisosasen. The English title is Bayside Shakedown. If you are interested I'm pretty sure the DVDs were released in the states but the Japanese DVDs also come with English subs.

The wiki link explains it but the quick explanation is that it's a bunch of holidays grouped together, like a sort of Spring Break but for the entire country rather than just students.

Arsenette said...

Well I don't confess to KNOW either language :) ahahhahahahaha Thanks for the correction!

I don't know of any other country that really does this (in terms of an entire week). Sounds good to me!

Never seen Bayside Shakedown.. looks like a cop show and I'm quite particular about thouse. Wouldn't buy a DVD but might check YouTube at some point to see what it looks like. Hey I've been known to buy DVD's after seeing a couple episodes of stuff linked on YouTube :) THanks for showing it to us!

lostinube said...

It's a cop show. A lot of conflict surrounds how the main character (Yuji Oda) goes AGAINST THE RULES~! It's got action, mystery, comedy and a bit of romance thrown in.

There have been the two movies that are direct sequels to the TV show. Then there were two theatrical spin-offs of characters from the series. Then there were two made for TV spin-offs with characters introduced from the two spin-off movies. Finally, there'll be a third movie coming out next year I think.

tricia said...

Wish we had a Golden Week.