Monday, April 07, 2008

SASUKE MANIAC April 7, 2008 Sort of liveblog! サスケマニア

I was supposed to go to bed early but eh, whatever.

Daisuke Miyazaki! The 20th was his first SASUKE ever! BUT! So many people before him failed that day! Can Daisuke ignore that and conquer SASUKE!

Daisuke and his teammates discuss tactics while watching the other competitors. Kore wa daijoubu! Terebi de zen zen chigau! White people sighting!

Let's go into his background!

He's a handball player! He's a Sportsman No. 1. Miyazaki Daisuke!

Hey! That's cheating! Daisuke and his handball buddies get a chance to practice with the trampoline for the Jumping Spider. Maketakunai!

Naoki Iketani and Daisuke talk shop! Hey! Yamamoto! And Mr. SASUKE. Yeah.

Nakagawa Handball player has to go earlier than the others.

Kazuhiko Akiyama! He failed during the Half-Pipe Attack.

Nakagawa gets busy with the SASUKE SPRAY!

Steps. Pole Maze (skipped the Log Grip). I remember this. They clipped his run. Mainly because the pole got stuck like it usually does at the beginning of the show. He retires at the Jumping Spider.


The day goes on. Some people fail!

Izuma handball player! Not as much problem with Pole Maze. He almost slipped during the Jumping Spider but was able to adjust. Half-Pipe Attack! He overshoots! So a misjump on the Jumping Spider is survivable if you can get your legs set.

Let us relive Shingo Yamamoto's miss on the Half-Pipe Attack. It makes the others a bit more nervous.

Daisuke is warming up! But there are still 18 more people to go before him! Better early than late is how Daisuke thinks.

Let's see Iketani's scrawnier than usual body fail the Spider Walk portion of the Jumping Spider.

Shinji Kobayashi goes looking for trash under the Jumping Spider.

The other handballers get a big kick out of their teammate failing the Log Grip.

Not-Olympian Okuyama! And Levi (google hits) Meeuwenberg! They finished! Everyone else did not!

Oh good. We get to relive Kongo's goofy looking fail on the Flying Shoot.

Takeda, Jordan Jochtev, Takamasa Nagasaki and Yuuji Washimi all fail. Just not in that order.

More Daisuke warming up! He should have worn the Sportsman No. 1 yellow jersey or something.

Over the course of the day the pressure built up for him I guess.

Here he goes! His teammates pray for him. Is there a handball deity to pray to or something?

Mr. Handball Miyazaki Daisuke!

Zard! New single! Um.

Yazawa Eikichi wants you to buy a place to live!

Bones! What? Is it a TV series? Movie? I am so out of touch. I just started renting episodes of Rome.

Reina Tanaka beats up Tsuyoshi Kusanagi!

Rookies! I think heard about that show during SASUKE.

Back to Miyazaki! Steps. Log Grip. He took a couple seconds to get set there. Shogakkou sannensei is when he started playing handball! Handball boom! Pole Maze. Jumping Spider! Takai! Takai! He definitely got some height on that.

Half-Pipe Attack! Miyazakiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was on then he was off. It happened quite often that day. More people passed the Jumping Spider only to somehow misjudge something about how to land, mostly ending up on the end of the platform, lose their balance then fall off.

Masaka no retire!

Oh. Daisuke makes a sort of prediction! His handball number is 21 so the 21st SASUKE will be THE ONE.

His handball teammates want to try again!

Another Bones CM. Maybe it will appear at random times on my TV like all the other foreign shows.

OK. That bear is all grooving out and stuff.

OK! OK! I'll find out what Bones is. Enough with the commercials!

Daisuke waxes philosophical about SASUKE. Mochiron dashitekudasai! He wants to try again.

And that it's for another week in SASUKE Maniac!


Arsenette said...

Great job :) Mine is up with pics and thanks a billion for the translation on that 21 thing. I saw him pointing at his shirt and wasn't sure what they were talking about. Nice to hear they want to come back. Maybe they will do better now that they know what to expect in terms of the atmosphere.

Yes.. Bones commmercials.. I counted at least 4 in a half hour program.. that was a lot..

tricia said...

As always - great job.