Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obligatory Sakura (桜) Post 2008

No SASUKE Maniac for me tonight.

Well, last year I went to Tokiwa Park and took photos of the cherry blossoms and the monkeys. This year I wasn't as ambitious so I just took photos of some areas near where I live to fulfill my sakura obligation (lest they take away my gaijin blogger rights).

I can't really pinpoint where I took each photo but the majority of these are from the center of Ube, near Shintencho (新天町).

Enjoy! Or not.


Arsenette said...

Ohhhhhhh they are beautiful!!! I LOVE Cherry Blossoms! Pictures are awesome :) Thanks for sharing! Mmmmmmmm new wallpaper material! Right now I have the Mariudo waterfall as my wallpaper (that's from Iriomote Island off Okinawa).

pamwax said...

Beautiful pictures. Wish I had a few trees but alas not in the desert. Thanks for sharing.

tricia said...

Great pictures Ube.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thank you Ube.