Wednesday, April 23, 2008

オッパッピー O! Pa! Pi! your mail with a Kojima Yoshio stamp!

I was doing a favor for a friend at the post office the other day (they know who they are and they better be grateful) and I picked up the latest issue of エンタメポスト (Entameposto which is - I assume anyway - short for entertainment post office). Along with with stamp sets of the Hanshin Tigers (understandable), Ichiro and Fatsuzaka Dice-K D-Mat (hometown boys done good!), Doraemon (famous worldwide!), and Ayumi Hamasaki (half-deaf hit machine!) was the biggest icon of all...

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Yup, for all you comedy and speed-o lovers out there, the Kojima Yoshio stamp and postcard set! Yours for 5500 yen!

Let's take a look at some pictures stolen borrowed from エンタメポスト:

Each stamp is 80 yen which means if you use them with the postcards you'll lose 30 yen. If you do use them with a letter, you should take care and use it with the appropriate receiver and situation in mind as this column goes into. Imagine:

Situation 1
University student looking for job: I need to send this very important document right now! I only have my Kojima Yoshio commemorative stamps though! I guess they'll have to do!

Very Important Man Who Regularly Receives Very Important Documents: Why is there a naked man on this stamp?

Assistant: I believe he's wearing a speed-o, sir.

Very Important Man Who Regularly Receives Very Important Documents: Whatever. [Dumps letter into bin without opening it]

Situation 2
Guy desperately in love: That girl in another prefecture needs me to do something romantic to win her heart! I'll write her a love letter! It's perfect! Oops. I only have these Yoshio Kojima stamps! She won't notice!

Girl: It's a letter from that guy who keeps bugging me! I wonder if I should go out with him? What's that in a corner? Yoshio Kojima? That reminds me! [Dumps letter into bin absentmindedly without opening it, goes to watch エンタの神様 rerun]

Remember! Only 5500 yen!

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Bonus: Try and ask any at least half-way sarcastic Japanese person who has watched either a news report about Ichiro in which Americans were interviewed or an MLB broadcast he was involved in. Do they say Ichiro like a Japanese person normally would or do they say it in a mock American tone like "Ee-chee-roe"?

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I've never seen this before so that was quite the shock! LOL Thanks for the Situations NOT to use the stamp :) That was really funny!