Saturday, April 05, 2008

Kafunshou and you 花粉症アンドユー

(Yes, I know hay fever season is almost over -- better late than never!)
((Argh. The title I had originally planned for this post was: I'll kafunshou you!))

Allergic rhinitis.
Hay fever.

Whatever you want to call it (really, it's up to you), it's really damn irritating if you have it. Thanks to the decision to start importing timber and stop harvesting the trees that were planted to reforest post-War Japan hay fever has been the bane of many a Japanese and a boon to the medical supply industry.

Before I decided to go to the doctor for some medicine that actually worked for me, I tried to give it a go with some regular store-bought medicine. The medicine I picked up for myself worked to some extent but I've always had to augment it with things. Lots and lots of things. Stuff to put in my nose before I go out. Stuff to clean out my nose after I go out. Stuff to chew on to help clear my nose. Stuff for my eyes. More stuff for my eyes. Stuff for my clothes and furniture. And don't forget the masks.

Also, I check the kafun tracker every morning. Very helpful. This is tonight's kafun forecast:

I generally ride a bicycle to get around town so I need a mask plus some kind of protective glasses to keep the damn pollen out.

This year, I bought darker glasses like the ones I just linked to. Coupled with the mask, it had the unfortunate effect of making me look like some kind of criminal:

OK, maybe not that bad. I don't have a mustache and hoodie. It's something more like this:

Anyway, I went to an ear-nose-and-throat doctor who stuck metal objects up my nose (it was my first time to that sort of doctor and boy, was that part a surprise), told me I had hay fever (umm..thanks doc) and gave me some medicine that cleared me up for like a month until about now when it started really bothering me again.

Because I was hay fever symptom free (for the most part) I put this entry, which I had been planning since the beginning of hay fever season, on the back burner but going to the doctor today reminded that I had a duty. Yes, a duty to post a photo I had taken several weeks ago of an Arthur doll wearing a mask. And protective glasses. Let it never be said that I am one to shirk my responsibilities.


Arsenette said...

Wow.. hadn't realized the CAUSE of Hay Fever specific to Japan. Sucks you have to suffer the way you do... /comfort

tricia said...

Consider myself lucky - pollen (except for probably orange trees but that was weird) doesn't bother me. I just hate it because it leave a yellow film on everything all the time. Gross. Good luck with the hay fever. BTW - at least the metal probe was put up your nose and not somewhere else.