Friday, September 25, 2009

SASUKE 23 Short Preview Live blog!

He totally cut that puppy.

If I write an opening, it will probably take longer than the preview so I'll just stop here.

Shingo Katori: Actor~!

Rambling Rican has your photos here.


Yamamoto! Takeda! Nagano! All of the All-Stars failed at the last SASUKE!

But now it's time for SASUKE 2009秋!

Oooh..a new obstacle. They take your laundry pole then make you slide across the water whilst holding on to someone else's dirty underwear.  Gross Monster 9. Gross.

Someone failed there.

The new first obstacle! You have eleven steps/logs to get to the other side! Like the Rokudantobi but..with more of them.

Someone failed there too. And someone failed the Half-Pipe Attack and the Jump Slider.

Whoa! Makoto Nagano and his styling red neckerchief is shocked by something! Possibly the dirty underwear.

The comedians in the audience react! Who is that girl next to Degawa?



Kano! (Eiko that is).

Genki Sudo!

Degawa points to the Final Stage! Not because he'll make it but because it's there.

Eiko Kano. Hosshan. Two members of Shinsengumi Rien. One of the guys from TKO. Takeshi Nadagi. Hiromichi Sato (at 98?). Wakky at 89! Shingo Yamamoto at 93! Takeda just has a black shirt! I hope he has the orange pants. Yamada Mr. Somethingorother. And Makoto Nagano!

And then a shot of the Final Stage! Who was it? We'll find out in two days!

Crappy version uploaded by someone *cough cough*...


Arsenette said...

LOL Thanks :) ahahhahahaha

And yes.. that emo drama that preceded it was awesome :)

ArtemisFowljr said...

There's a lto of thing I'm excited but lot of things need a LOL

Dirty Underwear LOL

Fat guy pointing at the tower LOL

that yellow-shirted guy posing LOL

Mr. Somethingorother LOL veeeery nervous LOL

Nagano shocked by the Dirty Underwear LOL that red thing around his neck LOL

Arsenette said...

See Arty? I can't even hold a candle :p