Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Possible KUNOICHI 8 Airdate!

Yikes, looks like I was way off.

According to blogger goldtaro2004-o- who is apparently going to be competing in KUNOICHI which will be *shhh* sometime this week...eh, screw it, blogger robthomas722 (who gave us some super secret secret squirrel photos of 22 last time - they work with Monster 9/TBS I guess) lets us know about the waterproof bus prepared for tomorrow's (9/2) KUNOICHI (クノイチ) taping here.

Anyway, according to this:

TVの放映予定は 10月7日(水)19:55~22:54(変更の可能性あり)

So KUNOICHI won't be airing until October 7th, after SASUKE 23.

I apologize if I led any of you to believe that KUNOICHI would be in September.


Arsenette said...

Awesome :) At least I get some sleep between tournaments so actually it's friggin' great it's delayed :p One major bad thing though.. G4's most likely going to show this next year...

Anonymous said...

You didn't mislead us, Wikipedia did!