Wednesday, September 02, 2009

KUNOICHI 8 Competitors

9/19 Just four more names.

9/16 Added some names from the TV magazines

9/13 Just one (or possibly more) more. Oh wait. There's another one.

9/12 And two more.

9/11 Just three more names.

9/7 Add three more to the list!

9/3 A few more entrants found!

A few updates as information trickles in...

Not so much info yet so far since the taping is today and the airing is just over a month from now but thanks to the wonders of the internet we are slowly finding out who will be at KUNOICHI (whether they make it on air or not is an entirely different matter though).

Here's who we know so far:

Pro surfer Narumi Kitagawa 北川成美 says so here. She was in KUNOICHI 6 (2nd Stage) and 7 (1st Stage).

Pro snowboarder Aya Nakada 中田亜矢 will be there too.

Teenage free climber Aya Onoe 尾上彩 just got back from France but will be there. She was in SASUKE 21. Her failed first stage run was only shown on SASUKE Maniac though.

Some other random people here and here.

Finally, 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood will apparently be there. Is she representing G4? She did some subbing for Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show this year.

Update on Sara Jean Underwood (because the more I mention her, the more hits I may get!): a tweet on the 27th states:
Just finished wardrobe fitting for G4. Heading to Tokyo for them tomorrow! So excited I could pee my pants!12:52 PM Aug 27th from UberTwitter


Female Pro Wrestler Yuki Miyazaki 宮崎有妃 was there according to one of her supporters. No word on if Tanny Mouse was there too.

Apparently three members of the Fuji Terebi group Idoling!!! アイドリング!!! (if you don't have the three !'s it's wrong!!!) were there according to some obsessive fans. The last link (thanks to rambling rican) is interesting because apparently member Hitomi Sakai 酒井瞳 had that photo of her and Makoto Nagano on her blog but then took it down. Did she break the rules?

Update: From one of the obsessive fans, the other Idoling members there were Eriak Tonooka 外岡えりか and Hitomi Miyake 三宅ひとみ.

Add to the list teen actress Mami Ashaoka 朝丘マミ.

Two more!
Talentos Yui Sato 佐藤唯 (left) and Wakana Fukushima 福島和可菜 (the side that is not your left) were there.

And the beat goes on...
Pro skier Miyuki Hatanaka 畑中みゆき was there.

Was racer Mika Kagoshima 神子島みか there? I say yes since she says on her blog at 8 in the morning that she was at the Midoriyama Studio. She was at the studio. She's female. It all fits dammit.

Teen actress 篠原愛実 Tsugumi Shinohara was there promoting the same show that Mami Ashaoka was.

Comedienne Asako Itou いとうあさこ was there. The time and tell-tale green and white Monster 9 bag is more than enough proof.

Also, announcer Mai Demizu 出水麻衣 was..announcing (probably doing sideline interviews) along with Kazuha Sakiyama 崎山一葉.

Finally, a blogger gives us an inside scoop here and here. Perhaps he worked on the set? From the looks of the word "GOAL" at the top, the second post must be the Final Stage.

Sara Jean Underwood has left Japan. I repeat. Sara Jean Underwood has left Japan.

Aya Onoe has more photos here. She also confirms that her fellow bluetag labelmate Yuki Mori 森友紀 was there.

According to one Sakuma Jennifer Tomoko 佐久間ジェニファー朋子, a lacrosse player of some sort (I think), she was there. And so were pro lacrosse player Sachiyo Yamada 山田幸代 and former Japan National Soccer Team goalkeeper Shiho Onodera 小野寺志保.

You can also add on Manami Hashimoto 橋本愛実, Mikie Hara 原幹恵 and Saki Akai 赤井沙希.

Former Morning Musume member Makoto Ogawa 小川麻琴 will also be appearing.

And tack on 原田京子 Kyoko Harada, who works for a house painting company in Kanagawa. She will be our Number 99 apparently.

And since the airdate has been made public, Hitomi Sakai 酒井瞳 has put the picture of her and Makoto Nagano back up on her blog.

Let's add Double Dutch team Viva Onna ダブルダッチ超人 VIVA女! How many of them will be on the show, I have no idea.

And also shoot boxer 久保田玲奈 Rena Kubota who goes by the ring name of レーナ or RENA.

From the 9/19 to 10/9 issue of TV Pia TVぴあ we have:

Talentos Ami Tokito 時東ぁみ and Rola Chen ローラ・チャン.

Comediennes Sumiko Nishioka にしおかすみこ and Harumi Edo エドはるみ.

Three more: Three members of the Sony Bravia Ladies field hockey team were there. Their names are Yukari Yamamoto 山本由佳理, Haruna Maeda 前田春奈 and Yuka Kato 加藤有香.

Another teen actress, Kayano Masuyama 増山加弥乃 was there. She, Tsugumi Shinohara and Mami Ashaoka are all playing parts in the new fall TBS show 小公女セイラ (starting 10/17!) because TBS is all about the corporate synergy.

I should probably just add on that Maho Tanaka 田中真帆 was in one of the Sara Jean Underwood photos but hasn't said anything herself.

Stage magician Yukari Nishi 西ゆかり was there.

More as information comes in.


Anonymous said...

But will Rena Higashi (my choice to achieve Total Victory) be there?

Arsenette said...

We don't know at this point. As Ube finds blogs that confirms participation of people he'll update this page.

Anonymous said...

The competition was totally revamped and I was like whoa!