Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Update: They're There! The Hōkūleʻa (ホクレア) has landed in Okinawa!

Update: Story from The Honolulu Advertiser.

As I was editing this post, this went up!

"Just received information from Okinawa that Hokule'a and her escort boat Kama Hele pulled into the harbor at Itoman, Okinawa at 6am Hawai'i time this morning, that is 1:00am, Tuesday, 4/24 Okinawa time."

They've arrived!

Original post:

This is an update to this post.

From the Polynesian Voyaging Society weblog:

"After a cloudy, windy night and morning, Okinawa appeared on the horizon at one o’clock this afternoon. Nainoa spotted the island during a break from the hazy fog-like conditions. We were about 15 miles away, and Hokule’a was heading right for the majestic island, without anyone helping her to steer. Everyone could feel the mana of this wa’a, and we hugged each other with tears of joy and emotions we may not ever be able to put into words."

The full weblog is here.

Events are planned in Okinawa from the 25th of April.

Two of the crew members are from Japan, 内野加奈子 (Uchino Kanako) and 荒木汰久治 (Araki Takuji). A Japanese weblog is here.

Photos of their journey from Yap to Okinawa.

I'm looking for stuff about Hokulea related events in the areas they'll be landing in.
沖縄 Okinawa
熊本 Kumamoto
長崎 Nagasaki
福岡 Fukuoka
山口 周防大島 Yamaguchi (Suo-Oshima)
広島 Hiroshima
愛媛 宇和島 Ehime (Uwajima)
横浜 Yokohama
If you get a link, put it in the comments and if I can I'll update the list.

For those who will be in those areas, come out to see the crew and celebrate the almost one hundred year relationship between Japan and Hawaii!

Here's a video about the Hokule'a's voyage to Japan from Japanese TV (thanks to Youtube user hokuleaoutreach):

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