Sunday, April 22, 2007

南陽 CM: 機械でやろう! Nanyou CM: Do it with machines!

Here are a couple of commercials for a Fukuoka-based machinery company 南陽 (Nanyou).
The theme to both is to use machines rather than try to do it by hand. Thanks go out to Youtube user MakkingTube for both.

工事現場編 (Construction Site) -- this is actually version one. V2 isn't as funny because they try to be more informative.

工場編 (Factory)

You can download the commercials here. Or if you need to see it on TV for some reason, it airs on RKB Thursdays through Saturdays at midnight.

Question: Does anyone know when Japanese commercials started using a female voice speaking with this really odd yet clear intonation (like the person isn't a native speaker) at the end? I know other commercials use it but I can't cite examples other than these two.


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