Friday, April 06, 2007

Get ready for the D-Mat Explosion on the news tonight! Daisuke Matsuzaka makes his MLB debut! 松坂大輔: メジャーデビュー

In a story that will definitely not be ignored by the Japanese media, Daisuke Matsuzaka (Dice-K to some, D-Mat in our hearts) made his Major League debut against the Kansas City Royals. His line? (taken from Matsuzaka Watch
7 IP
6 hits
1 HR
1 ER
1 walk
10 K
108 pitches
He got the win. Naturally the U.S. sports media covered this story here, here, here and here.
Since the game happened in the morning in Japan it's just hitting the news but the on-line Japanese versions of the Asahi, Mainichi and Yomiuri are all running it on the front page.
By all accounts (I actually didn't have time to read all the stories) it looks like a solid outing for the D-Mat man. Expect this to be all over the news tonight.


Kaspian said...

Not a bad start. I'll hold of commenting too much on Daisuke's major league rookie season until he's faced off with some of the better teams. Kansas City isn't really going to put D-Mat through his paces I think.

lostinube said...

His next start will get even bigger hype: first start in Fenway and he'll be going up against Ichiro. There's already a banner for their match-up on the Red Sox MLB page.

Kaspian said...

D-Mat vs. Ichiro is what I'm looking forward to. I'm sure that if / when he faces off against Matsui it'll be just as hyped. Good times!