Sunday, February 04, 2007

YMO shill キリンラガービール (Kirin Lager Beer)

First off this is the long version of the YMO CM for Kirin Lager (credit to youtube user 5leepwalk):

You can view the commercials here too.

The song is Rydeen (or more specifically the version known as Rydeen 79/07, available here). The whole theme of the Kirin Lager campaign is something about how good things don't change. Maybe. I think. Whatever. I believe it has something to do with there now being Kirin Lager and Kirin Classic Lager. Anyone care to taste test?

You can see the original PV of Rydeen where they are shooting laser guns at the end here (credit to youtube user hardy2006us).

I only got into YMO recently and so I'm glad that I'm getting a chance to bring them up here. But really, I'm even happier that I'll have a chance to show the two or possibly three people who look at my blog い・け・な・いルージュマジック!

(All the credit in the world to youtube user VickySakamoto who has tons of Ryuichi Sakamoto videos up)

い・け・な・いルージュマジック by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kiyoshiro Imawano was used as a campaign song for Shiseido in 1982 and hit number one on the Oricon charts. And no stand-ins were used for the kiss. See?

You really want to buy this song (12,000 yen!).

YMO on the Japanese Wikipedia for those who really really like long lists.

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