Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super. Bowl.

Since we in Japan are in the future there is no such thing as Super Bowl Sunday. Live, the game always falls on a Monday morning (thanks Eastern Standard Time!). Gathering your friends together to watch the kick-off with a bowl of cereal and then having to leave before the second quarter because you have to go to work doesn't quite have the same vibe. Heck, you don't even get to see the commercials. However, if you do have Monday morning off and you want to watch the game at home BS is your friend. Specifically NHK BS1 and NHK BS hi will be airing the game from 8:05 AM (Japan time) with a rebroadcast at 6:15 PM on BS1. You do pay your fees to NHK right? For those without BS tuners 日本テレビ (Nihon Terebi) will have a rebroadcast at 12:26 AM.
Ever since I got a (relatively) new TV I've been able to watch more (tape delayed) NFL and NBA games in the last few months than I've seen in the last four or five years combined. With NFL games you get whoever is the national broadcast team (i.e. John Madden on Monday night games..brr). With the NBA it's whoever aired the game that night. This means the occasional game with Bill Walton on the mike which is for me is simply great. I (heart) me some Bill Walton.
Anyway, some links:
The Super Bowl!
The NFL schedule! For those of you who REALLY need to watch the Pro Bowl (scroll to the bottom).
The monthly NBA broadcast schedule. Don't worry, it changes automatically every month.
Bonus! I also (heart) me some Patrick Ewing/Charles Oakley/John Starks era NY Knicks and this is a great moment.
And finally...go Bears I guess. I'm not a big fan of the Colts.

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