Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow! In Ube!

I'm no stranger to snow (well, since I came to Japan anyway) but when it does happen out here it's..I guess it's an event. Snow just kind of gives you all sorts of nice little pictures without having to try (I stink at taking meaningful photos).

Heck, snow even makes the more industrial areas look nice. See?

Oh, okay. Maybe not.

Yeah, definitely not.

Actually, the only reason I took my camera with me while I was out in the snow was because I thought for sure the pachinko parlor was going to have cars in the parking lot. You know, just to drive home the fact that pachinko players are HARD CORE. I know that when there are typhoons there are still people going to the parlors. Alas...

Actually, Maruhan was turning people away. I couldn't hear anything but it's highly possible they were telling customers "Look, you're crazy. Just go home for now."

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