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Who is the strongest? 2009 Sportsman No. 1 38! 最強の男は誰だ!壮絶筋肉バトル!!スポーツマンNo.1決定戦XXXVIII


Power! Speed! Balance!

These are the qualities needed to be HOLD ON! THE RICE BOWL WAS TODAY! AND I MISSED IT! NO! Anyway, a university team beat a company team.

Power! Speed! Balance!

These are the qualities needed to become Sportsman No. 1!

Let's look at the past winners:

1995 - Testuya Iida
1996 - Makoto Hasegawa
1997 - Kazuo Matsui
1998 - Kouichi Ogata
1999 - Testuya Iida
2000 - Kane Kosugi
2001 - Daisuke Oohata
2002 - Koji Murofushi
2003 - Daisuke Oohata
2004 - Taka Miura
2005 - Naoki Iketani
2006 - Daisuke Miyazaki
2007 - Paul Anthony Terek
2008 - Daisuke Miyazaki

Handball! Baseball! Basketball! Rugby! Soccer! Figure Skating! Football! Decathlon! Wrestling! There are others! Which sport will provide us with this years Sportsman No.1?

Here we go! Kane! Koji! Paul ANTHONY Terek! Miyazaki!



Shane is here to be No. 1! So is Bryan Clay!

Monster 9 gives you the finger!

1st Battle! Beach Flags!

There are several past Beach Flag winners participating this year (Miyazaki, Iketani, Satomi I think).

1st Round: Eight becomes five

1st Group: Lee, Takeuchi, Miyazaki, Fukuchi, Akiyama, Kouroki, Iketani, Honda

Heads down! Miyazaki, Lee, Fukuchi, Kouroki and Iketani are through!

2nd Group: Wakky, Marufuji, Matsunaga, Kitagawa, Victorino, Clay, Aoki, Satomi

2nd Round: Five becomes three

1st Group: Kouroki, Fukuchi, Iketani, Lee, Miyazaki

Fukuchi and Lee are out! Lee stumbled at the start.

2nd group: Victorino, Wakky, Clay, Satomi, Kitagawa

Wakky totta! Wakky, Clay and Satomi are through!

3rd Round: Six becomes four

Satomi, Iketani, Wakky, Kouroki, Miyazaki, Clay

Heads down! CLAY! MIYAZAKI! Both forget the flag! A struggle! And Miyazaki gets it!

And Wakky and Kouroki did the same thing! Kouroki and Clay are out.

Too many styrofoam peanuts I guess.

4th Round: Four becomes three

Satomi, Miyazaki, Iketani, Wakky

Yet another search for the flag! And Wakky knocks out Iketani! Iketani ALWAYS goes in for the body.

Semi-Final Round: Three becomes two.

Wakky, Miyazaki, Satomi

And Wakky is out! Wakky made the bad decision to not try to challenge Miyazaki and went at an angle, already behind to try to take out Satomi but to no avail.

Final Round!

Miyazaki Daisuke and Satomi Kouhei!

Miyazaki on the left, Satomi on the right.

Heads down! Commercial!


Heads down! Football? Handball! They're off!

Miyazaki dives! Yes!

Your winner: Miyazaki Daisuke!

2nd Battle! The Gallon Throw!

Sasaki and Misawa, who sat out the Beach Flags are participating here.

Starting off at 4m50cm.

Misawa first! No! Shippai! Sasaki up next. No problem! Is everyone participating in this?

Iketani is out! Satomi is out! Marufuji is out!

Honda is through! Bryan Clay is up next! NO PROBLEM! More than enough height.


Misawa to try again. NO! He didn't have the form. He threw it straight into the wall.

5m. Wakky is out! Lee is out! Matsunaga is out! Honda is out! Kouroki is out!

Aoki is through!

5m50cm. Sasaki! NO PROBLEM! Fukuchi is through! Kitagawa..yes! Takeuchi is through! Bryan Clay is through! Shane Victorino is through! Miyazaki is through!

Aoki is out!

6m00cm. Bryan would like to go six and a half! Sasaki is up first. NO! He needed a bit more. Fukuchi. NO! You only get two misses total. Bryan. YES! CLAY nageruka!

Shane. VICTORINOOOOOOOOOOOO! American power!

Miyazaki! First miss!

Kitagawa. NO! He's out. He doesn't have that American power.

Takeuchi. YES! He's through! BRYAN CLAY IS NOT IMPRESSED.

This is Miyazaki's last chance. NO! He had the height but not the angle. Mou chotto.

Here we go. Two Americans and a very tall basketball player. OK, I love Shane Victorino.

6m50cm. Kin medalist Bryan CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Yep, he's through.

Can Shane keep up? World Champion! NO! He has one more try.


Shane again. NO!

Your winner! Bryan Clay!

Miyazaki is in the lead with Clay at 2nd.

3rd Battle! Monster Box!

Miyazaki took this last year too (Iketani wasn't there). More than half of the contestants have never tried the Monster Box before.

11 boxes. You cannot miss here or you are out. Kouroki is through. Shane is through.

Bryan up. No problem! Everyone is still doing the "I'll run really fast then take baby steps at the end" thing which never ends well.

Sasaki! NO! He didn't have it at all. He has no personal best!

Misawa up. I say he makes it. And looks like he's having a heart attack in the process. Yes! Jun Akiyama grins slyly!

That was the shot in the commercial by the way.

Iketani will hot dog this. With a flip or something. Yep.

Everyone is impressed.

We're at 12 now. Aoki is through. Honda is out as he bangs his butt on the box. Lee. No problem! No has the form to challenge Iketani so far. Misawa is up again!



Misawa! He's old! Can he do it? This is a lot of drama for 12. NO! He just misses it and hits his Tiger butt on the box.

I'm surprised his body didn't explode when he jumped.

13. Takeuchi. Yes! Matsunaga is back on TV. Good form! He didn't do the baby step thing. Marufuji...does he have it? Yep. Not bad form. Misawa giggles!

14. Kitagawa. Yes!

15. Shane says its all about fun! We're jumping over the equivalent of a phone booth! Kouroki! Tobimashita! Mada ikeru! Takeuchi. Jeez he's tall. Yes? No? Slo-mo! NO! His butt just caught it. He's out.

Aoki. Yes! Matsunaga. YES! Marufuji. WHOA! TONDA! Yes! Fukuchi. No problem!

16. Kouroki Shinzou is up. Yes! Miyazaki! No problem! Shane. Yes! Matsunaga is through! Lee! I'd say more than few guys can reach 19 this year.

Marufuji. He's the smallest of the pro wrestlers. Yes? No? Yes! He's through! He won't hit 19 though.

Aoki. NO! Fukuchi. OUCH! No!

17. The soccer record is 19 as Kouroki gets ready!



Kouroki! Yes! Kitagawa. He runs straight armed! But he's through. Mada mada.

Miyazaki. NO! He was having his leg taped before. Foreshadowing? He has one more chance.

Lee. YES! Bryan Clay! No problem! Marufuji, Shane and Matsunaga all miss their first try.

Wakky! Yes!

Drama! Miyazaki has one more chance. Here he goes. Wait. No. He goes back again.



NO! He didn't do it! He just clipped it. Uh oh. He looks hurt. He's getting his knee iced.

Shane! NO! Matsunaga! NO! Marufuji. NO!

18. There are six left. Kouroki is up! NO! He almost drove his crotch into the front end of the box. Kitagawa and Lee both don't get it. And neither does Clay! And Wakky!

Oy vey.

18. Second try. Kouroki. NO! He didn't have it at all. The slo-mo makes one hope he was wearing a cup. Kitagawa! WHOA! YES! He angles his body just right and gets it!

Kitagawa has set the rugby player record.

Lee up. NO! He couldn't get the height.

Bryan Clay is up! NO! He is our first person to not get the jump off. He'll stop at 17 tonight.

Wakky! He's pumped. Yes? YES! He just does it! Iketani realizes it's time to put on his shoes! Wow. He JUST cleared.

And then there were three.

19. Kitagawa! First try! An impressive Monster Box debut! Wait....his hand caught the box. That counts as a miss.

Wakky up. Can he do it? YES! Out of control but he did it! Wait...let's go to the slo-mo. NO! He didn't angle himself right.

Iketani. This is still child's play for him. YES! Damn, he looks like he's in good form tonight.

19. Second try. Kitagawa. NO! He didn't do it. Wakky! NO!

Iketani skips 20 and goes straight to 21. He's the only person left. NO PROBLEM!

WHOA. Here he goes. He wants to go for it and set the new World Monster Box record.

And we get the light show to highlight that his will be a new record if he does it.

Here we g...wait CMs.


Here we go. Dramatic music. NO! I guess he only took one try at it.

Your wiinner! Naoki Iketani!

4th Battle! Power Force!

The pro wrestlers have the advantage in this event.

1st Round.

Bryan Clay vs. Lee Jong Wook! Not much of a size difference. This is going to be a battle. Bryan is still moving. Lee barely so. Lee sits up. Don't do that man! That's Bryan's chance and he gets it!

Honda vs. Miyazaki. No contest! Miyazaki! Miyazaki slaughtered the figure skater. Poor guy.

Matsunaga vs. Sasaki! Matsunaga is giving up a lot of size. But he's still battling in there! He's not moving but he's still fighting! Sasaki lost a shoe! Don't give up! Whoa. This is going on for a while. Matsunaga. Matsunaga! MATSUNAGA! Upset! Upset! Sasaki lost his balance.

Kitagawa vs. Aoki. Another battle. There is no clear cut favorite this year. Kitagawa!

Iketani vs. Akiyama. Not a clear butt-kicking but a win for Akiyama nonetheless.

Fukuchi vs. Takeuchi. Takeuchi breaks Fukuchi's neck and gets it!

2nd Round.

Clay vs. Miyazaki! CMs.

The tape on Daisuke's knee has increased. Here we go! Bryan is in the lead! Miyaaki is going backwards. Bryan. Wait no! DON'T STAND UP! Bryan lost it and it's Miyazaki! Miyazaki!

Matsunaga vs. Shane Victorino! Shane in the lead! Can the little engine that could do it again? The longer it...never mind. Shane Victorino does it!

Wakky vs. Kitagawa. Yet another battle. Can Wakky do it? He's giving up a few pounds and obviously power. He's struggling! But NO! It's Kitagawa.

Akiyama vs. Takeuchi. Power vs. Reach! Takeuchi with the early lead! Does he have the stamin? Akiyama reaches! NO! Reaches again and he gets it!


Can Shane avenge the USA?

Miyazaki vs. Victorino. Miyazaki with the early lead! And..YES! Miyazaki beats the USA again!

Kitagawa vs. Akiyama. Akiyama! Akiyama!


Miyazaki vs. Akiyama. CMs.

It's chikuwa time!

This year's chikuwa is brought to you by the people at Ube Kama. If you're in Ube and you need kamaboko, you'll probably end up buying something from Ube Kama.

Back. Here we go!

Akiyama in the early lead. Miyazaki looks a bit closer. He's losing ground though. Akiyama is lower to the ground so he should have the advantage. Daisuke looks like he's losing yet. Akiyama! Akiyama!

Mecha kuyashii!

Your winner! Akiyama Jun!

Bryan and Daisuke are still in the lead.

5th Battle! Tail Impossible!

There's a track and they run around it. There you go.

Wakky won this last year. This favors the soccer players and anyone who runs track.

12 to 9 in the first heat. I don't see Matsunaga lasting long here. Takeuchi should get at least to the later rounds.

Matsunaga, Honda and Fukuchi are out.

90 second interval. Huff that oxygen!

9 to 6 in race two. It's not really about speed, it's about stamina. Aoki, Kouroki and Wakky are all safely ahead.

Iketani can't handle this.

Miyazaki, Shane and Iketani are out.

6 to 3 in race three. Takeuchi is out! What happened? Kitagawa and Bryan are well behind the three soccer guys (Wakky played soccer in school).

Final race. Aoki, Kouroki, Wakky.

Can Wakky take out the two Kashima Antlers? We'll find out after this commercial!


Aoki has the early lead. Then Wakky. Kouroki is last. Wakky trying to pick it up. Wakky is in the lead! Kouroki is way behind! Final lap! Wakky is building his lead! Can Aoki get that last burst? No! That's it! Wakky!

Your winner! Wakky!

Final Battle! Shot-Gun-Touch!

Daisuke is still in the lead but Bryan Clay is right behind him. Kitagawa is third. Wakky and Shane are still in the mix.

Let's look at what the top six get.

Fukuchi up first. He's at 10th. He clears 12m00cm.

Aoki. Did he get it? Let's go to the super slo-mo. Yes!

Shane is in 5th. Yes!

Wakky is in 4th. No problem!

Kitagawa. He uses his head! HAHAHA!

Bryan Clay! This will put him in the lead. At least until Daisuke goes. NO PROBLEM! He was almost vertical when he got it.

Miyazaki up next! But first, a word from our sponsors.


Miyazaki Daisuke! YES! He's back in the lead.

And Honda misses the button. What a night for him.

Marufuji and Akiyama can't get it. Matsunaga is out. Takeuchi misses too.

12m50cm. Fukuchi is in 10th right now. Did he get it? I guess so.

Iketani up next. He's in 7th. Yes! He's back into the prize area.

Aoki is in 9th. We have to go to the replay. NO! He didn't get it.

Kouroki is up next. He's going for a tie of the soccer record. YES! No problem!

He bumps Iketani out of the prize area.

Shane! Did he get it? NO! He just missed it.

Wakky! NO! Kitagawa! NO!

Bryan Clay! Cue the dramatic music! Here he goes. NO! Wait. NO!

Can Miyazaki start to push his lead?

What happened to you? I don't know.

Miyazakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Yes! He's the only one to do it!

12m50cm. Second try.

Aoki..NO! He finishes at 9th.

Shane is in 5th. Can he keep himself there? YES! That should push him up to 3rd.

Wakky. He pumps himself up. OK! Wait. Really? YES! IKE! He is now up to 3rd and bumps Shane to 4th. He's finished for the day.

Bryan Clay sighs as someone tries to encourage him.

Kitagawa. He's tied with Shane. Here he goes. Drama. NO! Kitagawa zannen! If things stay the way they are, he'll finish at 4th.

Bryan Clay is back up! If he hits it, he's still in it.


Back. Drama. It's come down to this.

Here he goes! Yes! But he's still behind by 30.

12m70cm. Even if Bryan gets this, he's still short.

Fukuchi Kazuki is up first. He's at 10th. NO! That's it for him.

Iketani. NO! He'll finish at 7th, out of the money.

Kouroki....YES! He just got his hand under it. And he's the new soccer record holder.

Shane up next. He can't miss. Here he goes. NO! Ooh. Missed the ball.

I missed it.

Wakky up next. He can't miss either. NO! He missed the button. What a way to end a possible dream run.

He just missed the button.

Bryan is up next. This is pretty much it. If he makes it, he's still alive.

Dramatic music.

Here he goes. Bryan Clay!


He couldn't get his start down.

Thus ends the dream of James B. Castle High School.

Miyazaki. NO PROBLEM!

And that's it!
6th 興梠慎三 Kouroki Shinzou 285 points
4th 北川智規 Kitagawa Tomoki 300 points
4th シェーン・ビクトリーノShane Victorino 300 points
3rd ワッキー Wakky 315 points
2nd ブリアン・クレイ Bryan Clay 345 points
1st 宮崎大輔 Miyazaki Daisuke 395 points

Miyazaki is the first ever three-time champion and the first ever back-to-back champion! The boys from Hawaii acquitted themselves well but couldn't get it at the end. I expected Bryan to do well but Shane was quite the surprise.

Things looked sketchy for Daisuke, especially when he seemed to have had knee problems after the Monster Box but like a true champion, he came back in the end to take it. I'm not sure if it was planned but Bryan and Daisuke went head to head during Beach Flags and Power Force and if things had gone just a little differently, it would be Bryan with the yellow jersey holding a giant key. Congratulations to Daisuke Miyazaki and his third free car from TBS!


pamwax said...

It was fun last night. I kept losing Keyhole so your excellent(as usual) blog filled in some blanks. Thanks.

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Thank you Ube for your excellent "reporting". You are the BEST!

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It was great having you around this morning as our "advisor". Glad you were able to give us insight and answer questions. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks again.

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Thanks Ube!!!!!!! I'll be working on my blog for a while.. I don't want to burn myself out.. besides.. yours totally rocks I can't even put it into words. Was fantastic to get your input and loved the night it was on :) Was much fun!!

I'm sure at some point someone might get it online on YouTube .. provided TBS doesn't go on a tirade and start mad deleting everything.. Just wish there was a DVD.. I like these shows..