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Sportsman No. 1 Navi スポーツマンNo.1決定戦ナビ

18 men from 14 different sports will vie for the title of 2009 Sportsman No. 1!

Sportsman No.1 Navi! Whoops, it was just a commercial. For a show airing in two minutes.

Well, that solves that mystery as I saw Mitsuharu Misawa doing the Monster Box.

Here we go!

1995! Monster Box!

1996! Monster Box!

1997! The Dash! Kaz Matsui!

1998! Monster Box!

1999! Gon does the Monster Box!

2000! KANE! Shot-Gun-Touch!

2001! The Tug of War!

2002! Iketani on the Monster Box!

2003! Workout Guys!

2004! Bob Sapp wins the Spin-Out!

2005! Murofoshi wins the Gallon Throw challege!

2006! Miyazaki during his first win!

2007! The American Monster Paul ANTHONY Terek!

2008! Miyazaki again!

2009! Rugby! MLB. Handball! More sports!

Tokyo Bay Colosseum!

Our defending champion! Miyazaki Daisuke! Bryan Clay! HAHAHAHA I TOLD YOU SHANE VICTORINO. Lee the Korean baseball player. Fukuchi. Matsunaga wrestler dude. Two guys from the Kashima Antlers. Rugby guy Kitagawa. Takeuchi basketball player. Honda the figure skater. Satomi Kohei, american football player. The four pro wrestlers. Iketani. Wakky. I missed a couple of people I think.

Let's ask the random person on the street! Miyazaki! Misawa! Sasaki! Kitagawa! One of the soccer guys. The other soccer guy. The baseball guy. A girl picks Shane just because. Bryan. Daisuke. Daisuke. Daisuke.

Let's look at some of his highlights from 2006. Monster Box. Power Force. Shot-gun-touch.

And now we're into 2008. Beach Flag final. Miyazaki pwns Iketani. Shot-gun-touch. He's a two time champion!

Some comments from Daisuke. My hands are cold. Can I haz a commercial break?

He talks about Bryan Clay and is worried about him.

And there's Bryan arriving at Narita! He's serious!

His mom was born in Japan and he's been wanting to come back since he was a little kid. He should have worn his gold medal. Let's look at some of his highlights as he became the King of Athletes at the Beijing Olympics.

Miyazaki is worried because it seems like Bryan can do pretty much everything.

Your 2007 winner Paul ANTHONY Terek. The guy who took away the title from Daisuke. But is Bryan on a different level?

And let's follow Bryan on his way to Muscle Park. Here he goes on he Salmon Ladder. No problem! But he can't do the Shin-Cliff Hanger. That's tough! And then the Arm Bike. No problem!

He would be interested in SASUKE but he thinks he'd have to train for it! Those guys are very very good! He'd need to train and be prepared for it!

No! You did not come out here to have fun! You are there to win! WIN WIN WIN WIN!

When we come back we'll talk to some famous people! CM!

We're back!

The Kashima Antlers! They've won the J-League two times in a row! Kouroki Shinzou! Aoki Takeshi! He wants to try the Tail Impossible!

Let's go back to Narita Airport and pick up Shane Victorino, the Flyin' Hawaiian, of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

SAMMY SOSA WAS ON THE SHOW? Holy Crap. In 2000. And Mike Cameron. And last year Rajai Davis.

Shane is back to get revenge for the WBC!

Lee Jong-Wook of the Doosan Bears! Oh that's right. Korea won the last ever Olympic baseball gold. So that's two gold medalists on the show.

He wants to show you his speed!

Fukuchi Kazuki of the Yakult Swallows! He's a speed star. He remembers watching this on TV and wanting to appear. He had 42 stolen bases last year.

He wants to win for Japan!

Matsunaga Tomohiro! He trains in grainy footage! He won the silver medal in Beijing.

When we come back! Basketball! Figure Skating! Rugby!

Misawa looked like he was going to die during the Monster Box.

Play this on your keitai!

Who really cares what Bibiru Oki thinks? But he talks up Miyazaki and Marufuji.

Let's take a short look at Marufuji before he talks up Kitagawa, the rugby player.

Kitagawa playing rugby. Kitagawa remembers the last rugby player who won the Sportsman No. 1

He's a rugby superstar! Sanyo Wild Knights! Damn that's a cool name.

Let's look at two-time winner Ohata Daisuke, the last rugby player to win.

They talk to some of the WILD KNIGHTS~! about Kitagawa.

Announcers talk about Daisuke and Takeuchi the basketball player. The male announcer talks about POWER.

Mitsuharu Misawa! Not someone I'd ever thought he'd be on the show. Don't forget he was Tiger Mask (II). Sasaki Kensuke! Akiyama Jun. Marufuji Naomichi!

Misawa is old and looks old sitting there.




Satomi Kouhei. He came in 2nd during the 10th Sportsman No. 1

Takeuchi Kousuke plays for the Japan National Basketball Team.

Honda Takeshi! He's a figure skater! A former world champion!

Sports journalist Nakanishi talks up the soccer players because of their speed and jumping but they lack power.

Let's look at Kouroki and Aoki again.

He continues by saying that speed-jump-power are what a champion needs. So Daisuke has those qualities so he's been successful. He thinks Daisuke will do it.

More clips of Daisuke. After he won the first time it changed things. People knew who he was! And at the time handball was not a big thing in Japan. Since that time it's become a bit bigger.

Miyazaki is THE poster boy for handball.

In 2007 he goofed and missed the button during the shot-gun-touch.


I believe they are talking about how it's difficult to repeat as champion.

He practiced for the shot-gun-touch.

And he came back to win in 2008!

And we'll be back after this break!

We're back! And Daisuke is training for this year's contest.

He practices for the Slalom Run portion of Ultimate Guys.

Let's look at his blog! Answer my mail dammit!

Great, it's one of the Quiz Hexagon guys. Way to promote your rivals Monster 9.

So from the commercials we see that there will at least be the Monster Box, Tail Imposible, Power Force, Shot-Gun-Touch and the Gallon Throw.

Hey, my friend was right. The Japanese touch screen cellphones do look cooler than iPhones.

Let's see what idiot boy has to say about Sportsman No. 1. He talks about how he tried out for the 2007 Geinojin battle but couldn't make it. I had no idea they had that. Damn SASUKE Maniac airing in select markets. He talks about the baseball players and Bryan.

They talk to a female pro golfer. She talks about Sasaki and Lee. Apparently he's fast.

And as an afterthought, here's Iketani Naoki. Poor guy.

What, no crying?

And there's the obligatory shill for the Muscle Musical. No masks though since this is for the New Years celebration show.

See, Iketani gets to practice the damn Monster Box all the time. It's unfair I tell ya.

Wakky! He's the reigning Geinojin Sportsman. He won the Tail Impossible last year, showing that he can hang with the pros.

And everyone arrives at the Tokyo Bay Colosseum (fictional) for the show!

Aw yeah. Bryan brought his gold medal. You have to focus on each event!

CM time.

Tokyo Bay Colosseum!

Roll call!

Misawa Mitsuharu! Akiyama Jun! Wakky! Iketani Naoki! Fukuchi Kazuki! Satomi Kouhei! Marufuji Naomichi! Bryan Clay! Lee Jong Wok! Matsunaga Tomohiro! Shane Victorino! Honda Takeshi! Aoki Takeshi! Kitagawa Tomoki! Takeuchi Kousuke! Kouroki Shinzou! And your defending champion Miyazaki Daisuke!

Tonight! After the news!


tricia said...

Don't know how you do it but you're good. Scanned it so I would have some idea of what's going on and will come back later to read it well.

Arsenette said...

I love you Ube!! So happy you are writing these! and damn you are fast... :) Learned a lot from this show in particular so it was worth watching.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm not sure what I learned, but I'm sure I learned something. :)