Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 Sportsman No. 1 Minutiae

Daisuke Miyazaki 宮崎大輔 is the first three-time champion and the first person to ever successfully defend his title.

Not including Naoki Iketani's 池谷直樹 win in 2005, Wakky's ワッキー 3rd place showing was the highest ranking for the Geinojin champion since Kane Kosugi ケイン・コスギ in 2002 when he placed 2nd.

Shane Victorino's 4th place ranking ties him with Mike Cameron (2002) and Scott Podsednik (2005) for highest placing MLB representative.

This marks the 3rd time two Americans finished in the top six:
Kane Kosugi and Mike Cameron in 2002
Paul ANTHONY Terek and Rajai Davis in 2008
Bryan Clay and Shane Victorino in 2009

A possible (but not definitive) final ranking list:

18th 三沢光晴 Misawa Mitsuharu
17th 本田武史 Honda Takeshi
16th 佐々木健介 Sasaki Kensuke
15th 丸藤正道 Marufuji Naomichi
14th 里見恒平 Satomi Kouhei
13th 秋山準 Jun Akiyama
12th イ・ジョンウク/이종욱 Lee Jong Wook
11th 松永共広 Matsunaga Tomohiro
10th 福地寿樹 Fukuchi Kazuki
9th 竹内公輔 Takeuchi Kousuke
8th 青木剛 Aoki Takeshi
7th 池谷直樹 Iketani Naoki
6th 興梠慎三 Kouroki Shinzou 285 points
4th 北川智規 Kitagawa Tomoki 300 points
4th シェーン・ビクトリーノShane Victorino 300 points
3rd ワッキー Wakky 315 points
2nd ブリアン・クレイ Bryan Clay 345 points
1st 宮崎大輔 Miyazaki Daisuke 395 points

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Arsenette said...

AWESOME thanks for the proposed final rankings :) Poor Takeshi.. he got totally pwned..