Monday, March 31, 2008

SASUKE MANIAC March 31, 2008 Sort of liveblog! サスケマニア

SASUKE MANIAC March 31, 2008 Sort of livblog! サスケマニア

SASUKE Maniac usually has clips of qualifiers and whatnot. After each SASUKE they milk the broadcast by showing people who got cut out of the main show.

More info here.

Well, I'm up and I found a way to watch it so...

I believe this is the weightlifting guy (Torisawa?) who smashes the apple (there he -- he just did it again!). He just failed the Log Grip.

1911. Kuroda something something. Action haiyuu! He has a brother. Steps. Log Grip. Action haiyuu! Oh well.

1912. Kuroda something something's brother! Kuroda something else! He's an action hayuu too! Are they twins? Steps. Log Grip..otouto! Onaji tokoro!

Replay to show that they learn nothing from each other! Nothing!

Shibuya something something Taiko drummer! He's showing us what he's got! Steps. Log Grip. Pole Maze. I think he got the digest treatment and will fail the Jumping Spid...oh, OK, there it is. His group was playing while he was doing the course to pump him up!

Takahashi Satoshi! He's a former Orix player! Steps! He's 41. Log Grip..No free rentals for you!

Yomiuri training coach! Saeki somebody! Steps! No problem. Log Grip..he was Matsui's training coach? Not that it helps him or Matsui as he fails to hold on to the Log Grip.

Karateka Maeda! One of the few women to compete this time. Steps...oy. She couldn't get past the first two steps. Hazuakashii yappari!

Charisma model Yuumi Seimiya! By the way, for the person who was doing a google search for "Yuumi Seimiya nude" Um. This might not be the place you're looking for. I'm sorry?

Talento. Inui? She doffs her top to show her bikini top MUCH to the pleasure of the announcer. Inui Mayu? Well, at least she was properly dressed for the dip into the water after the Log Grip.

Ryo Shirai! He's a model. He's participated in the Geinojin Sportsman No. 1 shows but I believe this is his first SASUKE. Nugimashita! He doffs his shirt but doesn't get as much applause for it as the talento above. Steps. Log Grip. Pole Maze. No problems. Jumping Spider. No problem! Half-Pipe Attack coming up. Shi-ra-i! Shi-ra-i! Ye..a! Zannen! He landed at the very end of the platform and couldn't get his balance.

K-1 fighter Andy Olugon! This is his 2nd time I think. Steps. Log Grip. Zannen! Bobby would be disappointed and then attack someone to get himself temporarily suspended from TV. Or not.

Rera Kamuy Hokkaido basketball player Makoto Kato! Steps. OK. Log Grip..douda? No! He can't hold on to the rock! I mean Log! Turnover!

American football player (meaning the style of football not the place he plays). He plays for NFL Europe.


Shirokiya? Whoa, that was way off. Kohei Satomi. Steps. No problem. Log Grip. Oh, hora hora. No problem! Pole Maze. A little bit of trouble here. But he's through! Jumping Spider! Satomi!!! He didn't get his legs up in time. He doesn't make the cut!

Yoshioka Masanori! He's a hurdler!


Steps are no problem. He's got yellow shoes. Log Grip. Pole Maze. Jumping Spider coming up. Whoa! He whiffed and didn't get his hands or his feet up in time. How will his sponsors feel?

Well, that's it for tonight!


Arsenette said...

Was fun watching it even if it was only half hour. Got my Makoto fix for the day.. btw.. belated happy birthday Makoto :D

Thanks again for blog.. I didn't know who those people were when I tried to blog it. Glad you did!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting this live blog. I was excited reading it. I'm bummed Levi didn't win. But he is still is the best one this time and that is awesome! Can't find any vids of Levi's run.