Friday, March 28, 2008

SASUKE 2008 3rd Stage Obstacles and possible Final Stage

SASUKE 2008 3rd Stage, no time limit.

1. Arm Rings アームリング

2. Descending Lamp Grasper 下りランプグラスパー くだりランプグラスパー

3. Devil Steps デビルステップス

4. New Cliff Hanger 新クリフハンガー しんクリフハンガー

5. Jumping Bars ジャンピングバー

6. Sending Climber センディングクライマー

7. Spider Flip スパイダーフリップ

8. Final Ring ファイナルリング

No one has reached the new Final Stage yet so details such as the time limit and even how to complete it are unknown.
Tower in the day

Tower at night


Arsenette said...

Heartbreaker/Spider flip.. man.. I was hoping Levi got to that..

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The picture of the Final Stage tower doesn't look like other's I've seen. It doesn't have the three ropes comprising the rumored "rope transfer" for the final climb.

I also notice that the pictures are of a widescreen aspect ratio. Is SASUKE broadcasted in HD? (I can't think of what HV would stand for.)

scnoi1217 said...

the pick of the final stage is very interesting. maybe its just one super long rope climb? i see three different sections but i don't know if that's just to support the tower. from both pictures i can't see a spider climb, so I'm very confused on what the final stage actually is. Maybe if a picture of the tower at night surfaces from a straight angle, we can finally figure out what it is.

lostinube said...

That rope may not even be part of the obstacle. I thought it was for the safety harness that they usually wear.

The HV in the corner stands for Hi-Vision which is the trademarked name used by NHK for high definition.

We can't see it in the photos but the small red flags on the right start at 5M.

We are assuming that they set up the Final Stage but it's possible that they started but didn't finish setting it up. I don't think they rush people to the Final right after they finish the 3rd Stage so there's probably still some setting up to do.

Anonymous said...

NHK broadcasts SASUKE in addition to TBS?
Or is there something I don't know about those two networks?

VxJasonxV said...

Also, you're right, that is quite likely the harness. That leads us to the next question, where in the heck are the things you need to use to climb the tour? That picture of the rope transfer that was linked on the Wikipedia talk page was VERY clear.

VxJasonxV said...

Blogger is acting awfully interesting right now.
I suddenly can no longer comment under my OpenID.

lostinube said...

Japan uses (according to the wiki) "public broadcast analog HDTV." I believe NHK developed the technology for HDTV in Japan and thus hold the rights to the name Hi-Vision or HV. Or something like that.

lostinube said...

No, only TBS broadcasts SASUKE.