Sunday, February 03, 2008

Six Things February 3, 2008

Hey! I'm still here! Sorry I haven't been putting anything up recently. Was a bit busy last month.

Anyway, I often have blog ideas that I don't think always deserve their own post. While I'd like to drive up the number of posts I, I'd rather devote time to a select number of posts, especially the ones that I can really flesh out. So here goes an experiment: Six Things. Every Sunday I will try to put up a quick list of six things on my mind that are notable but not single post-worthy. They may not always be Japan related though. Of course this experiment will probably fizzle out and die by March but whatever. On with the show!

1. Super Bowl XLII is this Sunday if you're in America. If you're in Japan the game will be broadcast Monday morning on NHK BS-1. Coverage starts at 8:10 AM. Go Giants! The Patriots losing may or may not make Bill Simmons cry. That would be enough of a reason for me even if I weren't a long-time Giants fan. The Patriots are overwhelming favorites (a 12 point spread last I read) and are going for a perfect season. I'm hoping that this game will be similar to Super Bowl XXXVI with the overwhelming offensive juggernaut taken down by the underdogs with destiny and luck on their side.

2. Koda Kumi (倖田來未) has been suspended by her label for saying something stupid. And she has a new album coming out soon which she won't be able to promote. Wow. Just goes to show how much control talent agencies and record labels have over their clients. Say something or even blog something wrong and you pay a price.

3. Today is Setsubun (節分)! Throw them beans!

4. Aso Taro is my favorite Japanese politician because frankly, he's crazy:
"I've been saying that Japanese agricultural products are expensive but taste good and are clean and safe," Aso said. "To be blunt, the agricultural cooperatives should thank China. Great value has been added (to Japanese products)."

5. The L Word hit DVD rental shelves today in Japan.

6. The first time I saw this commercial for au's Infobar I thought, "Hey, it sounds like the Futurama theme song."

Like so many other people, I later found out that the opening was inspired by Psyché Rock by Pierre Henry which is the song the au commercial uses.

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Jeannie said...

I'm glad to see you posting again. You know, it's your blog. You don't always have to post about Japan if you don't want to. You're lost in Ube, but not consumed by it. I do greatly enjoy your viewpoints on the things you experience there though.

Hey, that song does sound like Futurama, or rather, Futurama sounds like Psyche Rock. Ironic that a cartoon about the future uses a theme song that was written so long ago. It works really well though.