Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tonight: Dragon Gate in Ube! ドラゴンゲート 宇部!

From the Dragon Gate website:

1)望月成晃 & ドン・フジイ & K-ness.vs 吉野正人 & 土井成樹 & M岸和田
2)“ハリウッド”ストーカー市川 vs サイバー・コング
3)岩佐拓 & 新井健一郎 vs Dキッド & m.c.KZ.
4)超神龍 & 神田裕之 vs Gamma & 堀口元気
5)A・W・森 & 斎藤了 & 横須賀享 & CIMA vs Jエバンス & YAMATO & B×Bハルク & 鷹木信悟

I was a fan of Toryumon and later Dragon Gate so I'm excited about this tonight! It's rare that the プロレス groups come out here. This is only the second time Dragon Gate has played in Ube since I've been here and only New Japan has come through town during that same time span and that was only once.

More when I get back!

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