Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dragon Gate in Ube: Results and Pictures! ドラゴンゲート 宇部 

Had a blast at the Dragon Gate show tonight! I was in the fifth row of the 南 (South) side and for some reason, it was the designated "throw the guy into the chairs" area, something which greatly confused the older woman sitting next to me and freaked out the younger lady sitting on the other side of me. The card was slightly changed from what I had posted before due to the injury to Don Fujii.

Before the matches:
宍戸幸之 (Koij Shishido) didn't wrestle but was running the lottery booth. Poor guy.
八木隆行 (Takayuki Yagi) and 菊池直人 (Naoto Kikuchi) came out to warm up the crowd and hip us as to what was going to come tonight. Whipping boy アンソニー・W・森 (Anthony W. Mori) and 横須賀享 (Susumu Yokosuka) came out to teach us how to cheer.

Opening Match:

Muscle Outlaw'z 土井成樹/吉野正人/マグニチュード岸和田 beat Tozawa Juku 戸澤アキラ/新井健一郎/岩佐拓 after マグニチュード岸和田 powerbombed 戸澤アキラ.
Fun match with the Outlaw'z cheating like mad. This was the South sides introduction to people flying into the seats.

Comedy Match:

サイバー・コング beat“ハリウッド”ストーカー市川 after Ichikawa gave up before he got powerbombed.
Ichikawa tried to suck up to the local crowd with a drawing of local "icon" Katta-Kun on his belly. It didn't help. Naturally there was lots of stalling and your standard "I hurt myself more than I hurt you" stuff going on but the crowd was into it.

望月成晃 & K-ness beat ドラゴン・キッド & m.c. KZ after something that I don't remember. My bad.
The first standard wrestling match. KZ was wearing a LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers jersey. This was when I first realized that little kids really really like good guys in masks. Throughout you could hear kids cheering for the Kid. No one really gave a rip about KZ, especially after he blew a top rope move. Oh well. I noticed that you really have to set up a bunch of the Kid's offense and it can get to the point where people are waiting for him to get ready to do something rather obviously. Still, a neat little match.

Muscle Outlaw'z Gamma & 堀口元気 beat 神田裕之 & 超神龍 after someone did something to 超神龍. Look, sorry, I forgot my pen to write stuff down, okay?
At the beginning of this match, the younger lady sitting next to me ran to the back of the area to avoid the whole wrestlers in the chairs thing. At first it seemed like it was for nothing but later...

Horiguchi looks and acts crazy now. Gamma was, to my suprise, very funny. He did mostly comedy spots while Horiguchi went nuts in the stands and suplexed 超神龍 onto a pile of chairs. It was pretty fun. The kids were sad again because the good masked guy lost.

Main Event:
Typhoon A・W・森/斎藤了/横須賀享/CIMA beat New Hazard Jack Evans/YAMATO/B×Bハルク/鷹木信悟 after CIMA pinned the only white guy on the card with something I don't know the name of.
Okay, so I'm not up on my wrestling finishers.
The females in the audience were quite into B x B Hulk during his entrance.

Several calls of カッコイイ could be heard throughout his ring entrance.
The crowd was torn between the two groups and I was confused as to who were the faces and who were the heels. Looking into it now, I guess only Muscle Outlaw'z are true heels and the rest are whatever, although the Typhoon members were acting more heelish than the New Hazard guys. Still, CIMA was quite over with the crowd and when they won, the crowd was solidly behind them. Evans was great tonight, hitting lots of his spots and generally wowing the crowd. Since he was the only white guy, he had to eat the pin. It wasn't going to be Hulk or Takagi so it was either him or YAMATO.
After the match, Typhoon were awarded the world's largest Soyjoy bar and announced that everyone was getting free Soyjoy bars! Woo hoo! I passed.

All in all, it was fun night of wrestling. No bad matches, I got to see most of the current stars of Dragon Gate in action and I almost got hit by several wrestlers flying in my general direction. Fun!

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