Saturday, June 09, 2007

そんぽ24 ハナコアラ Sonpo24's Hana Koala

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A friend recently directed me to the commercials for insurance company そんぽ24. Their mascot characters are three koalas by the name of ゴロー, センタロー and ライタロー (Goro, Sentaro and Raitaro, sound it out and you'll figure out which is which) known as ハナコアラ Hana Koala and they have the...well, just look at the commercials for yourself (thanks to youtube user DJ774)

Yep, they can take off their noses and use them as mobile phones to contact Sonpo! It's a little bit disturbing but I can't stop watching. Maybe it's the song.

見直そう 見直そう~(そんぽ!)
自動車保険を見直そう そんぽ24で見直そう
さあ 見積もりだ 見積もりだ!

The clip actually contains three different commercials. The third one (the last thirty seconds of the youtube video) is my favorite because of two things.
One is this:
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The other is that one of the koalas realizes that his nose isn't a phone this time but a computer mouse.

They have tons of stuff at the hanakoala site including how to do the dance, the profiles of the characters (I've never seen ハナマドンナ though) and calendars.

A quick google check shows that ハナコアラ has his fans. Behold the ハナコアラ Bento! Apparently this person does this often.

If you really need the song, you can get it on Amazon!

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