Thursday, May 31, 2007

Muscle Musical on Muscle Channelマッスルチャンネル におけるマッスルミュージカル

Muscle Channel Logo
Muscle Musical Logo

I've written about the Muscle Musical before but I haven't really shown you guys anything about the show yet. Well, right now on BS-i they are broadcasting the Muscle Channel (マッスルチャンネル), the latest show produced by the people who brought you SASUKE (hosted by 佐藤弘道 Hiromichi Sato). The Muscle Musical will be playing in Las Vegas and they also have their own theater in Shibuya。The Musical A Team will go to Vegas to spread the word while the B Team (I'm looking at YOU 知幸) will perform in Shibuya. Anyway, some kind soul with access to BS TV (I know, I know) has uploaded the Muscle Musical part of the first Muscle Channel episode that shows the history and the making of the 2007 version of the Musical. I'll embed part 1 here and give links to the rest. Thanks goes out to youtube user musclemusical (I don't think they are official)! It's eight parts that takes about an hour to watch but some of the stuff they do is pretty amazing. Enjoy!

Pt. 2
Pt. 3
Pt. 4
Pt. 5
Pt. 6
Pt. 7
Pt. 8

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